Jonas Danielsson

Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies has been having some rough times at Full Tilt Pokers big tables. Last month he lost $750.000 and this month he has lost over $300.000. On monday we saw him losing again and finally making a short rebuy: Dealer: Ziigmund adds $7,895.50.

Ziigmund broke at Full Tilt?

Ziigmund shows Ace King high
applsgirl shows two pair, Aces and Queens
applsgirl wins the pot ($18,564) with two pair, Aces and Queens
Ziigmund is sitting out

Sami “LarsLuzak” Kelopuro has been sitting and waiting opponents at the Ladbrokes High Stakes Tables. A couple of days ago he played a bit with Jonas “Nebuchad” Danielsson but otherwise the tables have been quiet. Kelopuro plays under the screenname Barbaggo at Ladbrokes.

Yesterday we saw him facing first SirWinalot9 and then J-Lopez. Kelopuro won $20.000 from both of them. And again waiting for new opponents… Lets hope that we will see some action at the $200/400 Deepstack table with max buy-in of $80.000!


Sami Kelopuro aka. LarsLuzak / LrsLzk decided to try out some other poker site than Full Tilt or MicroGaming-site. He remebered having some money at Ladbrokes and went on to challenge Jonas Danielsson aka. Nebuchad – one of the biggest winners at Ladbrokes.


LarsLuzak found $9.000 at his account and Nebuchad sitting at the $25/$50 ja $50/$100 NL Hold’em tables and he went on to chat with him trying to get Nebuchad to play some $100/200 NL Hold’em. Nebuchad Declined and they started to play at the $50/100 table.

Soon LarsLuzak managed to build his stack up to $39.000 – he than went into sit out and wrote “see you at the $100/200 table in 5min”.

So the games countinued at the $100/200 NL table and LarsLuzak went on to build his stack up to $74.000 – and they went on to play at the $200/400 NL Deepstack table! Nebuchad reloading for the full amount – $80.000!

Nebuchad managed to win some pots and then when LarsLuzak had around $50.000 left they started a crazy raising war before the flop. They made a pot worth over $100.000 and LarsLuzak turned over QQ – only to face Nebuchads AA. No help for Lars and the match ended… but we will hear more from him, he promised to return later!


Jonas “Nebuchad” Danielsson received a prize at the Scandinavian Poker Awards for the best online-player title. The ceremony was hosted by PokerStars Daniel Negreanu.


Negreanu asks him to explain a bit the history behind the nickname “Nebuchad” and things start to go wrong, check out the video here:

Obviously Jonas messes up a bit with his words and says things in a wrong way. This was surely an accident and here is his answer to the critics:

“I feel comfortable in my english when I write. Its completly different from writing on here and speaking in front of like 300 people (which included many of my idols). I laugh at mystupidself and I hope other people can laugh at me too and see it for what it was. Which was a nervous kid making a big blunder. To clarify, I dont have any anti-semetism in me and I apologize deeply to those people who were offended by my mistake. I hope after this that you might laugh at this stupid wierd kid that I am.”

Check out his player profile here: Jonad Danielsson – Nebuchad

Screenname: Nebuchad


Jonas Danielsson – the winner of the Legends Reunion has had a nice run this year at Ladbrokes winning over $500.000. The 24-year old player comes from Sweden and has been playing fulltime sice April 2005.

Starting from a scratch

Danielsson started playing online in summer of 2004 with sit-n-gos and some freeroll tournaments. After the first freeroll tournament win he started soon to try out some cash games. The first games were at full ring $0.25/0.50 NL Texas, but those didn’t go too well. So he tried out the 6-handed tables and has never looked back.

After a while he started to play $0.50/1 NL and worked his bankroll to around $400. Then he got his hands on Doyle Brunsons Super System – after reading that he turned his bankroll into $1.900 within the next 4 hours.

Then he countinued to win and play in the bigger games with limited bankroll. He even tried out $15/30 NL with a $9.000 bankroll – winning $6.000 from his first session. After a while trying out $10/20 he went on to tear the $5/10 NL tables making $90.000/month.

Partying is not good for poker

But everytime he tried out the $10/20 NL he got crushed – after a while he took some time off and partied a lot… and played $25/50 NL drunk! He went on to invest money on a house leaving only $25.000 for his bankroll. This was quickly burned down to $4.000.

Then he started playing more seriously again. Concentrated on learning more and analyzing his game. Soon after that he was winning from everyone at Ladbrokes, booking a $700.000 month. Until he played Kristian Ulriksen who won all of those winnings from him in five days.

But after that he got himself up again and back on winning ways. Now back on dominating the big NL-games at Ladbrokes.

Nebuchad fought terken89 in the finals in a series of heads-up matches. Nebuchad took the title with winning 3 ones first while terken89 managed to win only one.


With the title he will receive $48.000 & VIP cruise package and seat for LEOCOP III Main Event (+all the money he won from the first session)


Ladbrokes Legends Reunion part2 gathered blah123, terken89, zupp3_, Timex and Pokerkong_1. The action started immidiately – lots of raising and re-raising. But after the first wild hour it got a bit slower.

Blah123 was building a nice stack and everything looked very good when he flopped a straight sith his 86 – flop came 975 with two diamonds. He checked it from the first position and terken89 bet $4.350 – blah123 raised to $16.422 and terken89 went all-in for $24k more. Terken89 was on a flushdraw an made it on the river – winning a pot worth $85.944.

Zupp3_ got his money in only to see Pokerkong_1 holding Kings:


With 2 hours left to play blah123 and zupp3_ quitted and left three even stacks to battle it out. Terken89 took the lead with hitting a flush against Timex, but the last hand was quite crazy:

Timex had dropped down to $44k while terken89 had over 83k and was holding on to the place in finals. Now suddenly Timex pushed all-in his whole stack! Surely this looked like a desperate move and terken89 took a long time before finally folding. Terken89 told that he had QQ but wanted to secure his place in the finals (and the money of course).

Remember to watch the finals today – Nebuchad vs. terken89!

Ladbrokes Legends Reunion gathered yesterday TheSalmon, Nebuchad, _Theah_, cookiedough, Pokergirl1 and Mohamade. The game was $100/200 NL and the start was not too good for Nebuchad – going all-in with a draw:


TheSalmon started strongly but then ran into strong hands – Mohamade joined the table and got immidiately top set on the flop and doubled up through TheSalmon.

We saw a very nice hand where Nebuchad raised preflop with QT and TheSalmon and _Theah_ called. Flop came QTT and Nebuchad lead out only to get raised by TheSalmon and then all-in from _Theah_ – Nebuchad called and TheSalmon had to fold. _Theah_ was holding AT and didn’t improve – $42.564 pot to Nebuchad.

Next in line was Mohamade who went all-in for a bit over $35.000 pre-flop with a pair of Jacks only to face Nebuchads Aces – $70.688 pot to Nebuchad.

Cookiedough also won some nice pots – hitting a Queen with his AQ on the river with board showing AA77 with Pokergirl1 also having an Ace – $37.079 pot.


In the end only Nebuchad (around $80.000 with one reload) faced cookiedough (around $100.000). Nebuchad was running well and played extreme powerful heads-up poker and crushed his opponent completely.

When the 5h session ended it looked like this:


Remember to watch it also tonight with new players!