David Benyamine has been having a huge rollercoaster lately – on tuesday he won over $260.000 and yesterday he was going downhill and fast! Losing $447.000 during the day. The biggest winner was screenname pekay – taking home $185.000.

From pekay to David Benyamine:

pekay: i love u
pekay: but i dont want to bust u

Pekay has been another new screenname to immidiately start winning at the highest cash games at Full Tilt Poker. He seems to be from Sweden and propably a household name already – but who?

LarsLuzak no longer at Full Tilt?

Sami Kelopuro aka. LarsLuzak/LrsLzk/Barbaggo/Eskimoes7 has been playing lately mostly at the Betfair, Microgaming network and at Ladbrokes.

The games at Betfair have been running hot at the $250/500 tables, but on the other sites they have been running mostly at $100/200 NL.

He has had opponents like LIMPA_DIRR and Vo2Max challenging him at the $100/200 no-limit tables – but we still hope to see some action at the $200/400 tables. Yesterday he won around $90.000

Here is a screenshot from one of Kelopuros yesterdays pots:


Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies has been having some rough times at Full Tilt Pokers big tables. Last month he lost $750.000 and this month he has lost over $300.000. On monday we saw him losing again and finally making a short rebuy: Dealer: Ziigmund adds $7,895.50.

Ziigmund broke at Full Tilt?

Ziigmund shows Ace King high
applsgirl shows two pair, Aces and Queens
applsgirl wins the pot ($18,564) with two pair, Aces and Queens
Ziigmund is sitting out

Sami “LarsLuzak” Kelopuro has been sitting and waiting opponents at the Ladbrokes High Stakes Tables. A couple of days ago he played a bit with Jonas “Nebuchad” Danielsson but otherwise the tables have been quiet. Kelopuro plays under the screenname Barbaggo at Ladbrokes.

Yesterday we saw him facing first SirWinalot9 and then J-Lopez. Kelopuro won $20.000 from both of them. And again waiting for new opponents… Lets hope that we will see some action at the $200/400 Deepstack table with max buy-in of $80.000!