David Benyamine

Benyamine vs. Ivey

Phil Ivey and David Benyamine faced each other again on a $2000/$4000 HORSE -game. Last sunday David Benyamine beat Ivey for a nice amount. Next time they played everything turned around. Ivey was controlling especially the hi/lo -games and he manage to win nearly $280k. Later they played another session and then it was Benyamines time to win. In the short session he won about $75k.

Benyamine dominates pot-limit Omaha

That didn’t slow Benayamine down – he went on winning a bit over $700.000 within five hours of pot-limit Omaha! Biggest loser was Tom “durrrr” Dwan and nobody left as a winner against Benyamine.

Currently Benyamine is up an amazing amout of $1.8 million at pot-limit Omaha this month! Though he lost pretty much to Matt “Hoss_TBF” Hawrilenko in Limit Holdem, HORSE has bought those losses back. Currently you can say that Benyamine is over 2 million dollars up so far in May.

Cole South vs. Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies

Another sick session to watch was these two battling simultaneously in 2* 200/400 No-limit Texas tables plus 2* 200/400 pot-limit Omaha tables heads-up. The tables were all deep-stack tables (buy-in $80.000) and at one point Sahamies had over $700.000 in front of him.

Game was pretty agressive and rail manage to saw eight over $150k pots. “Ziigmund” started out pretty good while South was reloading pretty often. Then South managed to get his games going and lost only about $20.000 in the end according to his own words.

Few big hands from the session:

1. All in on the flop:

2. South goes all in on the turn for $67k:

3. Ziigmund wins a pot worth of $202k: http://www.pokerhand.org/?2647123


David Benyamine and Phil Ivey face each other at the $2000/$4000 HORSE-game during sunday evening. David Benyamine was red hot and he dominate that swingy match pretty nicely.

One of the biggest pots of the night, Benyamine and Ivey were playing Stud Hi/Lo. When 5th street arrived, table cards were:
Ivey 3s4h3h
Benyamine Jc4d8h

Pot was $8,6k and Ivey first bet $4k. Benyamine raised to $8k and Ivey re-raised to $12k. Benyamine raised to max $16k and Ivey of course called that. Now the pot was $40,6k.
6th street:
Ivey 3s4h3h5c
Benyamine Jc4d8h7h

Ivey check-raised to $8k and Benyamine was now just calling.
After 7th street Ivey was just smooth calling Benyamines $8k raise and final pot was 72,6k.
Benyamine showed Jd 8s Jc 4d 8h 7h 8d and Ivey mucked his hand after getting beat by a full house.

Ivey made a few nice comebacks, but Benyamine dominate Ivey especially in Limit Holdem.

Ivey & Benyamine were playing that HORSE heads up nearly 5 hours and Benyamine won $212k by that time.

Good times, nice action, big win, big losses – that’s what Full Tilt Pokers big games have been lately. Saturday was again packed with action for example in the $200/$400 Omaha tables as well as no limit Hold’emin $500/$1000 CAP-tables.

Phil Ivey ended up winning the most – he made a profit of $240.000. The screenname Cogaz was the one losing – and a huge amount of $400.000. Another big winner was Tom “durrrr” Dwan – winning $175.000.

David Benymine lost about $70.000 at Omaha tables but ended up as a bitter loser in the Limit Hold’em games. He battled Matt “Hoss_TBF” Hawrilenko at the $1.000/2.000 tables.

Hawrilenko is considered to be one of the best limit Holdem players around, this night he was running really well taking $200.000 from Benyamine. This caused the following outburst from Benyamine:

David Benyamine: i will neveer play u again u are too
good i give my promess
Hoss_TBF: lol
Hoss_TBF: good at hitting every draw
David Benyamine: well done
Hoss_TBF: ran sick tonight, gg

Lets see if David keeps his promise!

David Benyamine has got his confidence back and results have been very good lately.

This morning Benyamine won a massive $398k pot against Tom “durrrr” Dwan, in FTP PLO table.
Both of those players had deep stacks and then came this hand:

Before flop, players got over $33k in the middle.
Flop: Td2c4s

“CHUFTY”, who was shortstack was all-in and “ICallSoWhat” quickly moved all-in after flop. “durrrr” called and Benyamine raised the pot. “durrrr” moved then all-in and Benyamine of course called that. Pot was nearly $400k to Benyamine and “durrrr”.

Benyamine had the bottom two pair and an overpair, “durrrr” was holding a massive wrap.

Benyamine: 2h Qh Qd 4c
durrrr: 5s Ad 3s 6d

Turn was 8d and river Qc, so “durrrr” didnt catch his draw. CHUFTY won main pot, but becouse he had only less then a $6k stack before flop he only won $23k. Benyamine won both sidepots and took home a nice $191k profit in that hand.

Benyamine won over $300k in tuesday.

Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond could change his screenname to OMGHowLucky after his monday session.

He was playing $200/$400 PLO table against David Benyamine, Di “Urindanger” Dang, “lady marmelade”, Richard “CHUFTY” Ashby etc. Galfond lift his stack up to $80k, before winning a big pot against Di “Urindanger” Dang.

Galfond raised preflop and “Urindanger” & “MclovinLocin” called.

Galfond bet $4,4k and after a long thinking-pause “Urindanger” called
Now Galfond is thinking and bets $12,4k. “Urindanger” waits a little bit and proceeds to raise the pot ($51,6k). Galfond quickly moves all-in and “Urindanger” calls.

Sick turn for “OMGClayAiken” put it just get sicker…


And Galfond wins the pot worth over $126k.

Monday was pretty terrible to “Urindanger”. After all, he lost over $117k the in PLO tables.

To make railbirds life even more interesting Full Tilt Poker has opened the new $200/400 deep stacks tables at both Omaha and Texas Hold’em. The maximum buy-in for these tables are $80.000. So we are hoping to some more action and huge pots building up!

One of the first sessions played in the deepstack-tables were between David Benyamine and Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies. Here are a few hands from the session when Benyamine won $110.000 quickly:

Benymine gets paid with his full house:

Ilari trying to buy the pot on river:

The games have been running really hot at Full Tilt Poker this month. Action has been going on constantly with big winner and big losers already emerging.

One hot session was played when a new name “This_is_4_DV” arrived to challenge straight away Hac “trex313” Dang at the $200/400 pot-limit Omaha table. The 7 hour marathon session ended into This_is_4_DV:s favor – he won $254.000 from Dang.

Hac Dang has been running pretty badly this month. Previous months he has seemed to be unstoppable – now he continued his bad run by losing around $100.000 to Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies playing $300/600 no-limit Texas Hold’em. Hac Dang has already lost $560.000 this month.

The player in the top of winning list is “CHUFTY” with $530.000. He has managed to build few very nice stacks at the Omaha tables. Yesterday he won a very nice $185.000 pot when he, durrrr, trex313 and Lady Marmelade all went all-in on the flop. All the other players had some sort of straight draws but CHUFTY was the only one to have the flush draw which he hit.

Yesterday was a good day also for David Benyamine – winning $173.000 and putting his total winnings for this month already up to $460.000.

The secong biggest loser this month has been EURO32PLYR with $442.000 losses.

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