Chris Lee

PokerStars has been known best for its tournaments – the best structures, biggest prizepools and more players than anywhere else! PokerStars Sunday Million has become the most respected and precious tournament every week.

But nowadays you can find also huge cashgames going on at the No-limit tables – for example games with $100/200 blinds have been running hot lately. To watch the games you can download the PokerStars software here and enjoy also the deposit bonus!

We saw a session with Isaac Baron “westmenloAA”, Cole South “cts687”, Steve Billirakis “MrSmokey1”, “alexeimartov”, Eric Liu “p3achy_keen”, Chris Lee “Genius28”, Brian Hastings “USDtinger 88”, Matt Marafioti “ADZ124” and “muchbetter”.

Chris “Genius28” Lee – also known from Full Tilts biggest games:


The game was very loose and aggressive – $20.000 buy-ins flying around!

The first interesting hand was when the flop was Qd 2c Tc. The turn brought 2s and all the money went in.

“muchbetter”: Qh Ts
“MrSmokey1”: Qs Qc

Steve Billirakis won the $40.000 pot. Known also from his live tournament success:

Next huge hand had the flop of: 5s Qh 9h with 5 players in. “Genius28:lle” bet 2,8k. “Ca_dreamin” raised to 7,8k and “westmenloAA” pushed all-in for 21,6k. “ADZ124” and “Genius28” called. “Ca_dreamin” was holdin top-two pairs and the speculation started:

Ca_dreamin: wow
Ca_dreamin: SHould I fold top 2?
westmenloAA: lol this is riddic
alexeimartov: wow
Ca_dreamin: only 4 outs

Finally “Ca_dreamin” folded.
Turn brought 7c and river 6s. “westmenloAA” showed 55 taking down the pot worth of $69.000.

You can watch games at PokerStars and Enjoy the great deposit brought to you by HighStakesNews here:



Phil Ivey faced first Chris Lee “Genius28” at the heads-up no-limit Texas Hold’em table with $300/600 blinds. Lee seemed to be tilting – having just lost big amounts playing at PokerStars. Ivey ended up winning $200.000 from the tilted Lee.

The biggest hand of the session:

The hand that ended the games:

Genius28: gg not my night tongiht

The next opponent was Tom Dwan “durrrr” – Ivey being the better player this time. Phil won $65.000 at the Ivey Thunderdome table.

The biggest pot – all the money went in on the flop (this hand ended the match):


Other interesting hands:

We haven’t seen LarsLuzak playing at Full Tilt Poker for a long time… what happened?


Sami told that he had a bad downswing and lost all the money he had on the account. And that he can’t find a reason to make a new deposit. Why?

Basically the main reason is that nobody wants to play him heads-up and all the bigger no-limit ring-games are mostly dead. And he decided to take a looooong vacation and travel to Thailand for a month.

But now on February we have seen him play under the LrsLzk nickname at MicroGaming network couple of sessions. Those ones not going too well – he has lost already $50.000 in those sessions.

LarsLuzak lists the best NL-players online:

1. Patrik Antonius “FinddaGrind”

-Patrik has always been the toughest opponent for Kelopuro. Sami considers Patrik as a action player – you never know what’s going to happen against him… anything is possible! Patrik is also very hard to read.

2. Phil Galfond “OMGClayAiken”

-Galfond is totally different kind of player, much more solid than Patrik. Its hard to take advantage from him, but he is not a weak player.. very good at catching bluffs.

Phil Ivey and Chris Lee (Genius28) are both very tough – Sami thinks that Ivey is better in other forms of the game and Lee is excellent at making thin value bets.

Other excellent players Sami mentions are Urindanger and trex313, but he wouldn’t put them into top5.

Yesterday Patrik Antonius (FinddaGrind) was busy at the Full Tilt tables.


He was playing some action packed pot-limit Omaha with Ziigmund (Ilari Sahamies) and winning around $140.000.

Then he played few sessions of no-limit Texas. In the first one he faced luckexpress10 (some rumors telling he might be Johnny Lodden?) and booked a $90.000 win.

Patrik drawing out on luckexpress10:

Then he played Chris Lee (Genius28) and managed to win another $200.000! There were a few big hands played:

-87k pot for Antonius where both players went all-in on the flop of AcJc2s and Lee had AT against Antonius A2

-80k pot for Antonius where he made a runner-runner flush holding only the bottom pair on the flop

-80k pot for Antonius when they both went all-in on turn board showing 8522 Lee holding 89 and Antonius 8T

We haven’t seen David Benyamine playing NL Texas for a while since he had a bad $2 milj. downswing at the gamebenyamine_chris_lee.jpg.

But now we have witnessed a couple of sessions against Genius28 (Chris Lee) and Benyamine has won both of them – booking winnings around $200.000. The hand in the pic just ended the last session – the money went in on the turn when Genius28 pushed it all-in.

There were some huge pots developed between Chris Lee (Genius28) and Patrik Antonius (FinddaGrind) at the $200/400 NL Texas table with $40.000 max. buy-in. At some point it looked pretty nice for Lee:


Lucky river for Genius28? – 175k pot:

Bad bad river for Antonius again – 97k pot:

But later Antonius got a bit back into the game thru this hand:

Huge bluff by Lee – 154k pot:

In the end Lee booked winnings for a bit over $100k.

Ugadabugada won earlier this year $500.000 in pot-limit Omaha – many rumors told that is was Ilari Sahamies (Ziigmund) playing then with this account. Normally Ugadabugada is playing much smaller games and is supposed to be the account of Ville Wahlbeck (Isokala on Prima).


But why would Isokala or Ziigmund play $300/600 No-limit Texas now? So might it be their friend Patrik Antonius hiding under another nick again? Maybe not becouse he has been playing a lot with his own account.

Maybe it’s just Isokala who tilted and decided to take a shot in the big game… or some other Finnish pro? Check out the chat:

Genius28: who is this
Genius28: im gonna stop playing unless i find out
Ugadabugada: Look
Genius28: look where
Ugadabugada: this is no shared account. I play 10/20 normally
Genius28: whatever
Genius28: lets keep playing
Ugadabugada: Took a shot, everything was just fine until i played with OMGclayaiken

There were some pretty sick hands when Ugadabugada was playing 3*$300/600 NL tables:

Ugadabugada calls $25.000 with bottom pair:

Ugadabugada wins 120k pot:

Sick bluff by Ugadabugada – 160k pot: