Tony G

Ok, some more proof that someone else is playing under the account FinddaGrind from time to time. Patrik Antonius is known to own this account but there has been rumors that for example Tony G had played with his account.

On monday when FinddaGrind was playing at Full Tilt we saw also -ANTONIUS- sitting at b2b-tables – so he was clearly playing himself. But yesterday we saw him using the chat in a way that he never does:

FinddaGrind: how long u gonna play now?
Mark Vos: lol
Mark Vos: 8.75 minutes
FinddaGrind: go &!$& yourself instead of waisting my time
Mark Vos: haha
Mark Vos: well
Mark Vos: we’ve at least worked out its NOT patrik
Mark Vos: now im mildly curious

The game was $1000/2000 Omaha high-low and Mark Vos was doing some hit’n’run sessions.



We saw a short session where FinddaGrind (Patrik Antonius) and Ziigmund (Ilari Sahamies) faced eachother heads-up. FinddaGrind won about $80.000 in a short session. After they quit Sahamies wrote on the chat:

Ziigmund: wp tony
Ziigmund: gg
FinddaGrind: gg

Another interesting piece of information was earlier when Tony G was playing in the Crown Casino but sitting at the Full Tilt Omaha table at the same time. Roland de Wolfe approached him:

Roland de Wolfe: ur playing at crown casino right now
Roland de Wolfe: so who is this on the account

But never received any answer…. so could it be possible that the guys have switched accounts to confuse opponents?


After the Aussie Millions there were some really nice cashgames going on. The largest ones were $500/1000 and $1000/2000 no-limit Texas hold’em and pot-limit Omaha. Some rumours have spread out:

-Patrik Antonius won over $500.000 in one session.

-Niki Jedlicka lost over $500.000 to Jeffrey Lissandro and Tony G

-Niki thinks that Lissandro sucks big time at Omaha 🙂


There are some huge cash games going on now at Moscow – $1000/2000 pot-limit Omaha is THE game.


Tony G has been doing pretty well – check out details from a $3.150.000 pot that he won at Eurorakeback Blog.