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The games have been running really hot at Full Tilt Poker this month. Action has been going on constantly with big winner and big losers already emerging.

One hot session was played when a new name “This_is_4_DV” arrived to challenge straight away Hac “trex313” Dang at the $200/400 pot-limit Omaha table. The 7 hour marathon session ended into This_is_4_DV:s favor – he won $254.000 from Dang.

Hac Dang has been running pretty badly this month. Previous months he has seemed to be unstoppable – now he continued his bad run by losing around $100.000 to Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies playing $300/600 no-limit Texas Hold’em. Hac Dang has already lost $560.000 this month.

The player in the top of winning list is “CHUFTY” with $530.000. He has managed to build few very nice stacks at the Omaha tables. Yesterday he won a very nice $185.000 pot when he, durrrr, trex313 and Lady Marmelade all went all-in on the flop. All the other players had some sort of straight draws but CHUFTY was the only one to have the flush draw which he hit.

Yesterday was a good day also for David Benyamine – winning $173.000 and putting his total winnings for this month already up to $460.000.

The secong biggest loser this month has been EURO32PLYR with $442.000 losses.


The heated action took place at tables Ivey Thunderdome and Ivey Deathmatch. Phil Ivey played pot-limit Omaha against Tom “durrr” Dwan and both pot-limit Omaha and no-limit Texas against Hac “trex313” Dang.

We saw some huge pots and Ivey was on fire – ending up winning $544.000! The biggest loser was Tom Dwan – making huge losses worth $441.000, most of that money went to Phil Ivey.

Ivey vs. durrr – $100k pot: http://www.pokerhand.org/?2532942

Ivey vs. trex313 – 139k pot: http://www.pokerhand.org/?2532962

Ivey vs. trex313 – 137k pot: http://www.pokerhand.org/?2532991

Ivey vs. trex313 – 245k pot: http://www.pokerhand.org/?2533134

Many high stakes pros are very happy to see the ultra-rich Guy Laliberte back at Full Tilt Poker. Laliberte is known for example owning Cirque du Soleil and plays under then screenname “noataima”.

Yesterday he was back on the tables and lost $226.000 – another big loser was Ilari Sahamies “Ziigmund” (-$213.000) who has been having a crazy rollercoaster lately. Ziigmunds chat has been running also quite hot lately – here he is trashing Di Dang:

Ziigmund: hope u doie f godngodong
Ziigmund: fu moron chin
Urindanger: it’s chink.
Urindanger: learn to spell
Urindanger: chin. wtf
Ziigmund: what chink means?
Ziigmund: i didnt mean that word
Ziigmund: r u asian?

This hand might have something to do with it (Ziggys aces are cracked badly):

Tom Dwan “durrrr” has been doing really strong this month. Already booking winnings worth over $750.000 from April. Another big winner is Di Dang “Urindanger” – winning a bit over $370.000, but his brother Hac Dang “trex313” has lost $240.000.

Ok, this has been confirmed by many reliable sources – Hac Dang used to play before with the screenname jinsokkp but now he is the man behind trex313. So Dang brothers are rolling pretty strong at Full Tilt’s big games.

Di Dang aka. Urindanger:


Di Dang aka. Urindanger and Hac Dang aka. trex313 have been winning a lot – especially trex313 have seemed to be unbeatable. Hac Dang has managed to book already winnings worth $800.000 this year alone at Full Tilt Poker.

Phil Ivey has been playing a lot against trex313 – with bad result. But the last session was a bit better for him, Ivey managed to book winnings worth a bit over $200.000. The biggest hand went down like this:

Pre-flop: trex313 raises to $3.000, Ivey re-raises to $9.000, trex313 calls

Flop: Qc Qh Ts

Ivey bets $14.000, trex313 calls

Turn: Jh

Ivey best $31.000, trex313 calls

River: 2s

Ivey all-in, trex313 calls $98.087

Phil Ivey shows: Jc Js, trex313 mucks

Phil Ivey wins pot worth of $304.194

trex313: gg we’ll play later, you
trex313: owned me up
Phil Ivey: peace
trex313: break
Phil Ivey: text me if u wanna play later

Bluff magazine revealed in the latest issue the personalities under the names Urindanger and jinsokkp. Two brothers have been playing with these accounts Di Dang and Hac Dang.

“For those not already aware, Hac and Z are nosebleed-stakes cash game players on Full Tilt Poker who have won millions of dollars beating up on some of the toughest competition on the internet. The brothers, Di (pronounced “Z”) and Hac Dang, own and share the account”


Di ‘Z’ Dang began playing poker in a home game against his friends. He got the bug and began to study hard; reading books, magazines, and forums. Two years later has him playing online, usually 8 to 12 simulatenous high stakes cash games.

Now there have lots of rumors that trex313 account would actually be their account – or mainly played by Hac Dang. trex313 has been on a very nice winning streak – again yesterday beating Phil Ivey with hands like this (winning around $100.000):



Nickname “trex313” has been lately running very hot at Full Tilt Poker. In the last sessions he crushed Phil Ivey at Ivey Deathmatch table – winning $260.000. Phil was even running low on money on his account and had to borrow $200.000 from trex313! He has been running pretty well in the big pot-limit Omaha games also – having won about $330.000 in those games!


trex313: hey
trex313: i’m at your big boy table
trex313: if you wanted to play higher
Phil Ivey: im broke right now. this is the whole load
trex313: oh

trex313: howa bout i xferr you the money
trex313: on here
trex313: since you have more credit than me
trex313: since everyone knows you
Phil Ivey: ok i will send it back to u tommorow if i lose and if i win i will send it to u tonight
trex313: okay

Here are some screenshots from the bigger pots:



The huge heads-up tables have been pretty popular lately. There were action in all three of them.


Ivey Thunderdome

Pot-limit Omaha with $500/1000 blinds was played again against Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies… and guess what? Sahamies winning again – now they ended with Sahamies booking winnings worth $180.000.

Ivey Deathmatch

No-limit Texas Hold’em with $500/1000 blinds was the game when trex313 challenged Ivey. Trex313 booked a small win – but we saw one ugly hand where Ivey managed to outdrew trex313:


Ivey Glue Factory

To make things even harder Ivey faced Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius in the $2000/4000 limit H.O.R.S.E. table. But here Ivey was on fire winning nicely and sending Patrik’s day totalling around -$250.000.

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