October 2007

PokerStars has made some new nice videos including their own star-players like Joe Hachem, Daniel Negreanu and Exclusive aka. Noah Boeken who is starring at the one here. Remember you can take advantage now on the Get 100% Extra Deposit bonus thru HighStakesNews!


Started out as an hit’n’run artist (which he still kinda is) he has been running pretty well this month. Booking winnings in big pot-limit Omaha games already worth of $1.1 million! Lets see if he keeps running hot…


Limit holdem specialist Bryce “Freedom25” Paradis trusts BMW 330i:


We haven’t seen David Benyamine playing NL Texas for a while since he had a bad $2 milj. downswing at the gamebenyamine_chris_lee.jpg.

But now we have witnessed a couple of sessions against Genius28 (Chris Lee) and Benyamine has won both of them – booking winnings around $200.000. The hand in the pic just ended the last session – the money went in on the turn when Genius28 pushed it all-in.

It’s out in the open now! Finally we have the real name behind screennames LarsLuzak /LrsLzk. So his name is Sami Kelopuro and this is what he looks like (another pretty face from Finland!):


This 20-year old has just started his Finnish blog and in his first entry he is telling about playing poker while doing his military service – making his best upswing there! And how his started to learn Omaha… straight from the $200/400 pot-limit tables with $40.000 buy-in!

He will make his live appereance in EPT Dublin – hopefully a great one!

Gavin Smith drives this nice convertible – Mercedes Benz CLK 55 AMG. And he has a Harley too!


Things were looking pretty nice for David Benyamine two weeks ago – he was up almost a million at the big pot-limit Omaha tables. But now things look a bit different.


He has lost huge amounts in both pot-limit Omaha and limit Holdem. He is now “only” up $200k in pot-limit omaha – so coming down $750k in two weeks. And if you have followed his limit Holdem sessions… well looks like he has been losing $1 million there!

We saw him also reloading amounts in the limit holdem table that look pretty interesting:

“David Benyamine adds $248,386”

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