Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond could change his screenname to OMGHowLucky after his monday session.

He was playing $200/$400 PLO table against David Benyamine, Di “Urindanger” Dang, “lady marmelade”, Richard “CHUFTY” Ashby etc. Galfond lift his stack up to $80k, before winning a big pot against Di “Urindanger” Dang.

Galfond raised preflop and “Urindanger” & “MclovinLocin” called.

Galfond bet $4,4k and after a long thinking-pause “Urindanger” called
Now Galfond is thinking and bets $12,4k. “Urindanger” waits a little bit and proceeds to raise the pot ($51,6k). Galfond quickly moves all-in and “Urindanger” calls.

Sick turn for “OMGClayAiken” put it just get sicker…


And Galfond wins the pot worth over $126k.

Monday was pretty terrible to “Urindanger”. After all, he lost over $117k the in PLO tables.


Yesterday was the day for Phil Galfond aka. OMGClayAiken – he ended up winning $418.000 during the day. Galfond was having nice stacks at two different tables:

Other big winners were “ICallSoWhat” $233.000 and Brian Rast aka. “tsarrast” $100.000. The biggest loser again was Ilari Sahamies aka. Ziigmund – losing over $300.000. Other big losers were David Benyamine and “present”, both of them losing around $250.000.

Here are a few hands from yesterday:

Rast trying to bluff Sahamies:

Sahamies hitting the flop – Galfond hitting the turn:

The newcomer yossarian_2_ has been the topic of discussion lately. He has been playing against anyone willing to play – not very common for newcomers. He has faced players like OMGClayAiken (Phil Galfond) and BoostedJ (Justin Smith).

Galfond has been also quite interested in the player behind yossarian_2_ screenname after losing $75.000:

OMGClayAiken: oh ok.. can i ask
OMGClayAiken: who you are?
OMGClayAiken: never seen you and you’ve been crushing high stakes out of nowhere
OMGClayAiken: well done
yossarian_2_: getting lucky
OMGClayAiken: nah you’ve been winning too long for it to be luck

yossarian_2_ states Canada as his residence – many are thinking that he might be Marc Karam aka. _myst_. Anyway the most important thing is that he is already up voer $300.000 playing with the big guys!


Is Marc Karam yossarian_2_?


Phil Ivey has been doing really well lately. During the last couple of days he has beaten Phil Galfond aka. OMGClayAiken for more then $200.000 and Di Dang (Urindanger) also. But the best matches for Ivey have been against the screenname seda1 – he already had won more than $500.000 from seda1.


Yesterday we saw on of the sickest sessions of online-poker when Ivey faced seda1 again at Full Tilt Poker. Ivey has told other pro-players that they were crossbooking with seda1 (meaning that they would double the stakes – so the $500/1000 blinds would be actually $1000/2000 and the pots double the amount). They use crossbooking since no poker room has games that big.


When the games ended Ivey had a stack worth over $800.000! He had to reload once – so he won over $600.000 from seda1. And if they really were crossbooking the amount is actually $1.200.000!

Here are some great hands from the session:

250k pot:

Nice checking with a flopped set:

Huge 385k pot:

285k pot – nice turn for Ivey:

Ivey makes a stack worth over 800k:

But who is seda1?

There has been lots of rumors around this – but one thing is sure: he is familiar with Phil Ivey. Making crossbookings and wanting only to play with Ivey. He might be a pro basketball player.. or even Barry Greenstein some are saying. But we are quite sure that seda1 is not Barry… Barry would be a much better player 🙂

We haven’t seen LarsLuzak playing at Full Tilt Poker for a long time… what happened?


Sami told that he had a bad downswing and lost all the money he had on the account. And that he can’t find a reason to make a new deposit. Why?

Basically the main reason is that nobody wants to play him heads-up and all the bigger no-limit ring-games are mostly dead. And he decided to take a looooong vacation and travel to Thailand for a month.

But now on February we have seen him play under the LrsLzk nickname at MicroGaming network couple of sessions. Those ones not going too well – he has lost already $50.000 in those sessions.

LarsLuzak lists the best NL-players online:

1. Patrik Antonius “FinddaGrind”

-Patrik has always been the toughest opponent for Kelopuro. Sami considers Patrik as a action player – you never know what’s going to happen against him… anything is possible! Patrik is also very hard to read.

2. Phil Galfond “OMGClayAiken”

-Galfond is totally different kind of player, much more solid than Patrik. Its hard to take advantage from him, but he is not a weak player.. very good at catching bluffs.

Phil Ivey and Chris Lee (Genius28) are both very tough – Sami thinks that Ivey is better in other forms of the game and Lee is excellent at making thin value bets.

Other excellent players Sami mentions are Urindanger and trex313, but he wouldn’t put them into top5.

KObyTAPOUT has been seen playing only at the biggest pot-limit Omaha tables, but now he has been seen playing also at the no-limit Texas tables.

First he played against Urindanger – losing $280.000. When Urindanger left OMGClayAiken (Phil Galfond) challenged KObyTAPOUT and lost $100.000. Next one was Aeron73 – losing $20.000.

There was some controversy who was really playing with the nickname KObyTAPOUT. Rumors are telling that the owner of this account is Jani Vilmunen – highstakes cashgame player from Finland who has also made WSOP final table at pl-Omaha.

He is also very good friend of Patrik Antonius – so it might be FinddaGrind playing with Vilmunens account?


Jani Vilmunen well dressed – as always!