Erik Sagstrom

Sami Kelopuro (LarsLuzak/LrsLzk) has been recently playing more under the screenname EskiMoes7 at Betfair. The games have been as high as $250/500 Texas No-limit. And Erik Sagström has been quite active also.


Yesterday we saw players like sinceroo, kuna, dingdongboy and Erik “Erik1234” Sagström playing at the big table. The winner of that session was Erik1234 – winning $90.000. Kelopuro lost a bit, but has been winning a lot from Erik1234 at the $100/200 No-limit tables.

Erik seems quite frustrated about this – here is the chat:


EskiMoes7 wins a nice pot with his pair of Kings:


Sinceroo hits at the turn and Erik1234 at the river:



The nickname “kuna” can be found at Betfairs biggest cashgames, both in Omaha and Holdem – but who is behing this nickname? A new player from Finland or some older familiar player?

He is known from his aggressive style and usually winning – couple of days ago he took $100.000 from Erik1234 totalling his winning up to $200.000 for that day.