Marc Karam

The newcomer yossarian_2_ has been the topic of discussion lately. He has been playing against anyone willing to play – not very common for newcomers. He has faced players like OMGClayAiken (Phil Galfond) and BoostedJ (Justin Smith).

Galfond has been also quite interested in the player behind yossarian_2_ screenname after losing $75.000:

OMGClayAiken: oh ok.. can i ask
OMGClayAiken: who you are?
OMGClayAiken: never seen you and you’ve been crushing high stakes out of nowhere
OMGClayAiken: well done
yossarian_2_: getting lucky
OMGClayAiken: nah you’ve been winning too long for it to be luck

yossarian_2_ states Canada as his residence – many are thinking that he might be Marc Karam aka. _myst_. Anyway the most important thing is that he is already up voer $300.000 playing with the big guys!


Is Marc Karam yossarian_2_?


Marc Karam aka. _myst_ used to play a lot at MicroGaming (Ex-Prima network), but where has he been? He has been quite busy with live poker and non-poker related things – like moving into a new house and getting married! Earning also over $2,6 million in live tournaments.


His aggressive style online used to build also massive stacks. Last year we witnessed him building stacks over $100.000 in the $50/100 No-limit tables.

Yesterday this was the result for his session in the $50/100 No-limit table:


(The maximum buy-in for the table is $10.000 – so pretty nice stack)

He has been running pretty well lately, so his total winnings for the past couple of days are well over $200.000.