Cole South

Benyamine vs. Ivey

Phil Ivey and David Benyamine faced each other again on a $2000/$4000 HORSE -game. Last sunday David Benyamine beat Ivey for a nice amount. Next time they played everything turned around. Ivey was controlling especially the hi/lo -games and he manage to win nearly $280k. Later they played another session and then it was Benyamines time to win. In the short session he won about $75k.

Benyamine dominates pot-limit Omaha

That didn’t slow Benayamine down – he went on winning a bit over $700.000 within five hours of pot-limit Omaha! Biggest loser was Tom “durrrr” Dwan and nobody left as a winner against Benyamine.

Currently Benyamine is up an amazing amout of $1.8 million at pot-limit Omaha this month! Though he lost pretty much to Matt “Hoss_TBF” Hawrilenko in Limit Holdem, HORSE has bought those losses back. Currently you can say that Benyamine is over 2 million dollars up so far in May.

Cole South vs. Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies

Another sick session to watch was these two battling simultaneously in 2* 200/400 No-limit Texas tables plus 2* 200/400 pot-limit Omaha tables heads-up. The tables were all deep-stack tables (buy-in $80.000) and at one point Sahamies had over $700.000 in front of him.

Game was pretty agressive and rail manage to saw eight over $150k pots. “Ziigmund” started out pretty good while South was reloading pretty often. Then South managed to get his games going and lost only about $20.000 in the end according to his own words.

Few big hands from the session:

1. All in on the flop:

2. South goes all in on the turn for $67k:

3. Ziigmund wins a pot worth of $202k:



David Benyamine surely has showed some excellent skills during the last days – and also what running hot really means. In the last two days alone he has won over $600.000 – totalling his winnings from this month already up to $1.100.000. Making him the biggest winner at Full Tilt Poker this month.


David and his girlfriend Erica Schoenberg

And the best part is that he has played only 5 days this month! He has been beating Gus Hansen, Cole South and Eric Liu to name few that have witnessed his run maybe too closely.

Lets see if he countinues to dominate the tables – at least many opponents want to play against him. Players like Ilari Sahamies “Ziigmund” are constantly telling how bad Benyamine is.

Ziigmund: i hope u win them all
Ziigmund: he is just so f bad u know
Brian Hastings: i know
Ziigmund: nh brian
Brian Hastings: thanks
Brian Hastings: u really hate him huh haha

Ziigmund going down

But looking at Ziigmunds score this month… maybe it’s the other way around – Ziigmund has lost already $1.000.000 in pot-limit Omaha, to soften this he has won $150.000 in no-limit Texas.