Mike Matusow is known for his wild behavior and language at the tables – he has been showing these skills also at the online tables.


Here are few nice ones, lonesomegeorge1 (The Grinder?) giving also some back:

Mike Matusow: how bad is juanda lonesome
Mike Matusow: is he better then roland

lonesomegeorge1: juanda is much better then roland
Mike Matusow: lol
John Juanda: i’m bad but at least i dont whine all the time
Mike Matusow: i know
Mike Matusow: the tooth fairy is

Mike Matusow: lonesome hows it feel to be so sexy and so rich
Mike Matusow: and im so ugly andd so broke

lonesomegeorge1: mike your not that ugly
lonesomegeorge1: ur hot

Mike Matusow: na busted is great ve been busted for 8 yrs
Mike Matusow: when u broke u can play on other peoples money if u got money u got to play your own
John Juanda: mikey has been really unlucky for the last 8 years or so

Mike Matusow: lonesome is pretty hot i want to bang him myself
Mike Matusow: will u rub ur bald head between my legs lonesome

lonesomegeorge1: i would except mikey is too strong for me
Mike Matusow: we could wrestle
lonesomegeorge1: and i wouldnt hit a pregnent man