Patrik Antonius

Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius vs. Doyle Brunson has been the hot topic lately. They will have a huge heads-up challenge in poker as well in golf. But Patrik has also many other bets coming this summer!

One that has been talked for ages is finally taking place – the tennis-bet with Gus Hansen. The match will be played also during the WSOP and it is worth $200.000 for the winner.

Then Patrik will face Brandon Adams in a combined tennis&golf bet for $100.000.

He will team up with his assistant Nick to play two Finnish pro players for a golf match worth $200.000.

And he will also face Daniel Negreanu in a huge heads-up with Stud 8 or Better & Golf – this one will be worth $500.000.

So Antonius is putting already $1.000.000 on the line without even counting the bet against Doyle Brunson – and that will propably be the biggest one!

Mucking straight flush?

Patrik hasn’t played very actively lately online, but we saw one pretty interesting hand:

Patrik Antonius and “ICallSoWhat” were facing each other on a PLO heads up match yesterday. “ICallSoWhat” only had $16k against Antonius $85k when this pot happened.
Antonius just called pre-flop and the flop came 6c 5c 2c.
Antonius check-called the bet by “ICallSoWhat” and the turn brought a 7h.

Then it all started to go wrong for Antonius. Antonius checked and “ICallSoWhat” bet $1,6k. Antonius lost connection and “ICallSoWhat” manage to won that small pot. After the hand Antonius was talking with “ICallSoWhat” about what happened and blamed FTP:

FinddaGrind: who won the pot?
ICallSoWhat: i did
FinddaGrind: what u had?
ICallSoWhat: nuts
FinddaGrind: i had straight flush lol
ICallSoWhat: of course u dont believe
FinddaGrind: u really had nut flush?
ICallSoWhat: wow
ICallSoWhat: glad u got disconnected
FinddaGrind: i had 34 clubs
ICallSoWhat: had 3 2s other tbl
FinddaGrind: !!%%ing full tilt
FinddaGrind: its not my connection its fulltilt
ICallSoWhat: was kinda kicking myself that u got disconnected
FinddaGrind: i dont get disconnected anywhere else
ICallSoWhat: 😦
FinddaGrind: gg
ICallSoWhat: gg


Patrik Antonius had quite many challengers wanting to play him yesterday at B2B-networks big tables. Patrik who goes at B2B by screenname “-ANTONIUS-” started nicely winning huge pots like this one:

Patrik goes all-in in the river and gets called – the pot was worth €68.265,50 which equals $106.000. But after a while the tables turned for “AFStar” in this very long heads-up session at the €100/200 no-limit table.

In one hand Patrik bet €18.000 on the river only to face AFStars all-in on a board of K-A-5-T-K (no flush draws). And after that AFStar seemed unstoppable.

AFStar ended up winning €75.000 for the day – most of those came from Patrik.

Brian Hastings has been running extremely hot this month at Full Tilt Pokers big Omaha games. First he started the month by winning $544.000 under his screenname LucLongley. Then he joined team Full Tilt and started to play under his own name.


The cards have been very good to him because now he has also won over $500.000 afrer joining the team – totaling his winnings for this month up to $1.060.000. He has been beating players like Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius and David Benyamine – as you can see from this hand:

David Benyamine raises to $800
Brian Hastings raises to $3,000
DaFool folds
slaktarn folds
FinddaGrind has 15 seconds left to act
FinddaGrind raises to $10,000
David Benyamine has 15 seconds left to act
David Benyamine calls $9,200
Brian Hastings calls $7,000

*** FLOP ***

FinddaGrind bets $30,200
David Benyamine raises to $120,800
Brian Hastings raises to $142,246, and is all in
FinddaGrind calls $38,141.50, and is all in
David Benyamine calls $21,446

Brian Hastings shows

FinddaGrind shows

David Benyamine shows

*** TURN ***

*** RIVER ***

Brian Hastings shows a straight, Jack high
David Benyamine shows two pair, Jacks and Sevens
Brian Hastings wins the side pot ($147,809) with a straight, Jack high
FinddaGrind shows a pair of Queens
Brian Hastings wins the main pot ($235,222.50) with a straight, Jack high

Total pot $383,033.50 Main pot $235,224.50. Side pot $147,809. | Rake $2

Putting him also nicely on top10 of biggest online pots won-list! 


Finnish pro-players decided to have a team poker challenge. Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies and Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius challenged Sami “LarsLuzak” Kelopuro and Jani “KObyTAPOUT” Vilmunen for a huge heads-up match.

Antonius would face Kelopuro in NL Texas Hold’em.


And Sahamies would face Vilmunen in pot-limit Omaha challenge.

If they would tie there would be a third match to decide the winner played by Antonius and Vilmunen in pot-limit Omaha.

The first match with Ziigmund and KObyTAPOUT was a fast one. KO got into a small chiplead and then they put all their money to the middle on the flop Ziigmund leading 51% to KO:s 49%. KO hit his hand on the turn and Ziigmund headed to the rail.

LarsLuzak got the early lead in the second match against Antonius and managed to get half of Patriks chips hitting two pairs. Antonius obviously was making a huge check-raise bluff on the turn risking hald of his stack – only to find Kelopuro moving all-in on him.

After a while Kelopuro got his money in nicely in front holding KJ against Patriks K2.. but the flop brought 224 and Patrik doubled up. The final hand was again both of them holding king-high – Kelopuro KQ and Antonius K9.. only this time Antonius didn’t get the 9 he was looking for.

So KObyTAPOUT and LarsLuzak win the bragging rights (and nice amount of money surely…)


Here is the unofficial list of the biggest pots won online. The winners written first and underlined. On the first place is still the hand from summer 2006 when the games ran extremely hot at Prima. Both players had huge swings building up enormous stacks. Kowssarie (also known as TheTerrorist and TerrorOfSweden) was holding AJ against Loddens A9 with the board of AA75K.

1. Mohamad Kowssarie “Fast_Freddie” vs. Johnny Lodden “bad_ip”

Texas NL $200/400 – 465.451$ / Prima/Microgamin-network

2. Brian Townsend “sbrugby” vs. David Benyamine (hand included also ZRC, Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Phil Ivey for smaller amounts)

Omaha PL $200/400 – 429.240$ / Full Tilt Poker

3. Ilari Sahamies “Ziigmund” vs. Phil Ivey

Omaha PL $500/1.000 – 399.985$ / Full Tilt Poker

4. Phil Ivey vs. seda1

Texas NL $500/1.000 – 384.951$ / Full Tilt Poker

5. Patrik Antonius “Luigi66369″ vs. Tom Dwan “durrrr”

Texas NL $300/600 – 375.771$ / Full Tilt Poker

6. Ilari Sahamies “Ziigmund” vs. Phil Ivey

Omaha PL $500/1.000 – 360.000$ / Full Tilt Poker

7. Ilari Sahamies “Ziigmund” vs. Phil Ivey

Omaha PL $500/1.000 – 349.933$ / Full Tilt Poker

8. Ingrid_Swede vs. Patrik Antonius “I_Knockout_U”

Texas NL $200/400 – 330.733$ / Prima/Microgamin-network

9. Ilari Sahamies “Ziigmund” vs. Phil Ivey

Omaha PL $500/1.000 – 321.983$ / Full Tilt Poker

10. Ilari Sahamies “Ziigmund” vs. TheOcean0

Omaha PL $200/400 – 319.836$ / Full Tilt Poker

The high stakes tables at B2B network have been pretty empty for a long time. Recently we have witnessed nice action again – the game is even bigger than at Full Tilt Poker. The blinds have been as high as €150/300 and €200/400 (in dollars: $237/474 and $315/630)!


Patrik Antonius plays under the name -ANTONIUS- at B2B-network – always waiting for opponents. Now he has been challenged by EzC1m0no1 in no-limit Hold’em and Ecs-Tasy in pot-limit Omaha.

Sami “LarsLuzak” Kelopuro told that he has been playing under the screenname EzC1m0no1, seems like he also has made a new account at Betfair named EskiMoes7. Kelopuro is running really hot at Betfair and has won tons of money.

Ecs-Tasy is most likely Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies – but this is not confirmed yet. In the last match Ecs-Tasy won over €100.000 (app. $160.000) from -ANTONIUS- at the €200/400 pot-limit Omaha game.


This puts Ecs-Tasy:s winnings for over €200.000 for the last 24 hours. Here are few of the huge pots:

1. Ecs-Tasy bets big on the river:


2. Pot worth over €100.000 – all-in on the flop:


3. All-in on the flop – Ecs-Tasy getting lucky on the river:


Patrik Antonius (FinddaGrind) told recently that Doyle Brunson said that “he would do almost anything for a change to play Patrik Antonius heads-up” – implicating that Patrik would be a fish in his eyes.


Doyle Brunson said that he had never said that – he only has mentioned that some of the new internet-kids would be easy opponents for him. He thinks that Patrik Antonius is one of the few that have the skills and attitude to win in the biggest games possible.

But the challenge has been made, Patrik promised that he would play for any amount in any form of poker. Doyle is known for his skills in lots of different poker games and he has played in the biggest games of the planet for a very long time – so this has caught his attention. He talked that he would be willing to put amount of at least seven figures into play. Lets hope that this match happens!

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