David Benyamine has been playing recently a lot of $1000/2000 limit hold’em. Yesterday he had many tough matches going on.


In the first one he beat Sassi pretty well – winning $100.000 from him. Kings hold up to finish the session:

Bryce Paradis (Freedom25) faced Benyamine again in a long heads-up match where Bryce managed to pull out an impressive $210.000 victory.

Bryce running well with 73:

At the same time Benyamine was winning around $80.000 in another table playing with Matt Hawrilenko (Hoss_TBF) and Patrik Antonius (FinddaGrind) and others.


Patrik Antonius (FinddaGrind) crushed Sassi again playing heads-up limit Holdem at the $1000/2000 tables.


This time Antonius robbed a bit over $200k from Sassi.

Lucky river for Patrik? – 22k pot:

Very nice call from Patrik – 16k pot:

Sassi was one of the biggest winners earlier on $1000/2000 limit holdem – now he took on Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius and this is how it ended:


So Patrik cleaning him up and winning around $250.000! Lets see if Sassi will come back later for some more action.

After Sassi reloaded another 80k Patrik hits nicely:

During a very long session Sassi was looking good at the table with a huge stack:


The game started by Hoss_TBF (Matt Hawrilenko) and Sassi cleaning up David Benyamine. Then FinddaGrind (Patrik Antonius) and ScHnibLOr (Simon Münz) joined the party. Sassi ended up winning over 300k for the day!

Hoss_TBF had $250.000 at one point only to lose it all to Sassi – but managing to rebuild his stack after reloading. FinddaGrind was the one reloading most (losing around 250k) and ScHnibLOr was losing a bit also.

Sassi hits nicely on the river – 43k pot:

More and more high stakes limit action going on at Full Tilt Poker. Patrik Antonius (FinddaGrind) has been countinuing to play with Matt Hawrilenko (Hoss_TBF) and Sassi.


Things are not looking too good for the Finn – he has reloaded many times. He seems to be bluffing a bit too much and the other players not folding too much of their hands.

The game still goes on – lets see will Patrik lose more.. or will he make a nice comeback?

David Benyamine had a rough night playing $1000/2000 limit holdem. The biggest winner from him was Matt Hawrilenko (Hoss_TBF) – winning over 120k from Benyamine.


Also Sassi and ScHnibLOr took their share and Benaymine lost around 200k in this limit session.

Hoss_TBFs Kings hold up:

Nice action-table:

Benyamine trying a river bluff: