February 2008


Ilari Sahamies aka. Ziigmund is well known for his behaviour – last time we showed you the Players Tequila by him. Lately he also told during The Game-show that he “drinks alcohol more than a regular person”… and that leads to some interesting situations.


After a few drinks he made a crazy bet with another crazy gambler from Finland Ville Wahlbeck aka. Isokala. The bet includes some tattoos with other players name on it.


Basically the bet is to play Chinese Poker until one of them gets 50 points. He will be the winner of the bet. The loser must then get other players last name tattooed in their foremarm! So if Ziigmund loses there will be “WAHLBECK” written in his forearm and the other way around – Isokala gets “SAHAMIES”.

The official rules include:

-The tattoo cannot be removed or another one made in top of it for the next 10 years

-The tattoo must be at least the same size as Ziigmunds phone (app. 12*5cm)

-Winner pays the tattoo and reserves the time for it

-The loser can pay his way out of the bet – but winner cannot be forced to accept a payment

Lets see who loses… and how much they are willing to pay to get out of this bet!


So rumors are that the player behind the nickname “seda1” would be a wealthy businessman called Shaw Sedaghat. He is already known for playing in some really high-stakes poker games. He is known for winning millions from Ron Meyer (the long time head of Universal Studios).


Sedaghat has been seen also at the live tournament circuit, including a cash at the WSOP main event in 2005 and running good at the LAPC. And one piece of interesting evidence is that he was the President and CEO for a company named Seda Speciality Packing.

Daniel Negreanu has also played against Shaw Sedaghat at huge live games and commented the game:

“My last match was versus a businessman who played very weak. He didn’t raise pre-flop and and never check-raised. How I lost… I’ll never know, LOL.”

So it would seem that another businessman with huge amounts of money is having some fun with “the big boys”! Maybe this answers the questions “who is seda1?”.. but remember these are still rumors!


If you have been railing the games at Full Tilt Poker lately you surely have seen durrrr (Tom Dwan) sitting at almost every table possible. He is known for his skills to multitable pretty well…


Yesterday he was spotted playing simultaniously:

FOUR Omaha tables with $200/400 blinds

+TWO heads-up Omaha tables against Ziigmund (Ilari Sahamies) with $200/400 blinds

+THREE  heads-up No-limit Texas tables – 2 against Phil Ivey and 1 against Ziigmund

Thats pretty huge! And he has been running pretty nicely, being one of the biggest winners in Texas Hold’em this month and even making nice comeback from his earlier Omaha losses.

Here is a pretty funny hand from the sessions:


Here is a pic from durrrr:s house – answers on what you can do with your poker winnings:



Jonas “Nebuchad” Danielsson received a prize at the Scandinavian Poker Awards for the best online-player title. The ceremony was hosted by PokerStars Daniel Negreanu.


Negreanu asks him to explain a bit the history behind the nickname “Nebuchad” and things start to go wrong, check out the video here:

Obviously Jonas messes up a bit with his words and says things in a wrong way. This was surely an accident and here is his answer to the critics:

“I feel comfortable in my english when I write. Its completly different from writing on here and speaking in front of like 300 people (which included many of my idols). I laugh at mystupidself and I hope other people can laugh at me too and see it for what it was. Which was a nervous kid making a big blunder. To clarify, I dont have any anti-semetism in me and I apologize deeply to those people who were offended by my mistake. I hope after this that you might laugh at this stupid wierd kid that I am.”

Check out his player profile here: Jonad Danielsson – Nebuchad


Phil Ivey has been doing really well lately. During the last couple of days he has beaten Phil Galfond aka. OMGClayAiken for more then $200.000 and Di Dang (Urindanger) also. But the best matches for Ivey have been against the screenname seda1 – he already had won more than $500.000 from seda1.


Yesterday we saw on of the sickest sessions of online-poker when Ivey faced seda1 again at Full Tilt Poker. Ivey has told other pro-players that they were crossbooking with seda1 (meaning that they would double the stakes – so the $500/1000 blinds would be actually $1000/2000 and the pots double the amount). They use crossbooking since no poker room has games that big.


When the games ended Ivey had a stack worth over $800.000! He had to reload once – so he won over $600.000 from seda1. And if they really were crossbooking the amount is actually $1.200.000!

Here are some great hands from the session:

250k pot:

Nice checking with a flopped set:


Huge 385k pot:


285k pot – nice turn for Ivey:


Ivey makes a stack worth over 800k:


But who is seda1?

There has been lots of rumors around this – but one thing is sure: he is familiar with Phil Ivey. Making crossbookings and wanting only to play with Ivey. He might be a pro basketball player.. or even Barry Greenstein some are saying. But we are quite sure that seda1 is not Barry… Barry would be a much better player 🙂

Who is your favourite poker player? Many would say Daniel Negreanu without a doubt. Negreanu is one of the most liked poker players not only by railbirds but also by fellow poker players. He is also one of the most successful players ever in both tournament and cash-games. PokerStars did a nice job by recruiting him a while ago.


Daniel has been getting lots of attention in televised tournaments and invites to all of the greatest poker shows – like a permanent residence at the High Staker Poker-series. He also uses a lot of time to play at PokerStars, last Sunday he played again at the High Stakes Showdown and won it.


Tournament winnings worth $10.000.000  

Negreanu has managed to win almost ten millions from live tournaments – on top of that he is an excellent cash game player both live and online. He is also known for his comments and articles about tournaments and the way hands were played. His writings are regularly published in poker magazines and internet sites. He has also made a book about poker.

After signing with PokerStars he has been very active with the site. Playing tournaments as well as the big games – we have seen him playing regularly at the $100/200 No-limit tables. And on top of that he is also very friendly to the railbirds, chatting and always sharing things about his life. Not to forget winning the High Stakes Showdown from time to time. Last week he faced very tough opponents like Chris Lee “Genius28″ and Isaac Haxton “philivey2694“.

Daniel is also very active with blogging, you can read his latest blog and report from the High Stakes Showdown here.

Join Daniel Negreaunu thru HighStakesNews and enjoy our deposit bonus! 

Very popular poker person Thomas Wahlroos who has also signed with Full Tilt Poker showed his playing skills at the FTOPS (Full Tilt Online Poker Series) Main Event. The tournament had a $500+35 buy-in and the winner “Reverse” earned $456,401.66 while Wahlroos had to settle for $276,454.75.


Wahlroos is known also from the big pot-limit Omaha tables at Full Tilt, but he hasn’t been too active there lately.. maybe now we will see more of him there!

Wahlroos played very skillfully through the final table – but it wasn’t enough. Here is the final hand of the tournament:


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