Bryce Paradis (Freedom25) has been dominating David Benyamine in $1000/2000 limit holdem. Yesterday we saw them fighting it out again, Paradis winning another $183.000!


After the match Paradis had a nice chat with the railbirds – giving also his opinion on Benyamines limit game:

Freedom25: David has a pretty strong limit game, he just chooses to play against the 4 people who he’s not going to beat
Freedom25: 4 was a random number, but meaning that if David ran softer action he’d do quite well


David Benyamine has been playing recently a lot of $1000/2000 limit hold’em. Yesterday he had many tough matches going on.


In the first one he beat Sassi pretty well – winning $100.000 from him. Kings hold up to finish the session:

Bryce Paradis (Freedom25) faced Benyamine again in a long heads-up match where Bryce managed to pull out an impressive $210.000 victory.

Bryce running well with 73:

At the same time Benyamine was winning around $80.000 in another table playing with Matt Hawrilenko (Hoss_TBF) and Patrik Antonius (FinddaGrind) and others.

Limit holdem specialist Bryce “Freedom25” Paradis trusts BMW 330i:


Simon Münz (ScHnibL0r) took some shots at the big $1000/2000 limit holdem games.


Featuring these two icons he went to challenge all the tough names – including Matt Hawrilenko (Hoss_TBF) and Bryce Paradis (Freedom25).

Yesterday didn’t end up too well for him. He played a marathon session against Freedom25 – ended up losing over $150k. Quite a rough result considering he was up over 200k at one point.

Then he went on to play two tables against Nizot Skizared – losing $300.000!

Trying to bluff at the river – 24k pot:

Guess he had a 6? – 32k pot:

After these sessions we spotted him playing back at $200/400.

There has been quiet in the Texas NL tables but we have had some great action at the $1000/2000 limit Texas tables.


Freedom25 aka. TheBryce – Bryce Paradis played a long session with Patrik Antonius. He went on to dominate the match all the time – hitting good hands and catching lots of Patriks bluffs.

Before quitting he had a hot streak of hands making him a winner of $180.000 in the end.

David Benyamine faced one of the toughest online heads-up limit Holdem player Bryce Paradis (Freedom25) at the $1000/2000 limit table. Bryce was controlling the game nicely.


Both started with $40.000 and Benyamine had to reload twice. But he managed to get some of it back before quitting the session – Paradis winning $68.000.

Later we spotted Benyamine playing Rearden Metal at the same tables when he was getting punished seriously – in the end Rearden Metal was sitting with a $150.000 stack while benyamine had only $6.000 in front of him.