Started out as an hit’n’run artist (which he still kinda is) he has been running pretty well this month. Booking winnings in big pot-limit Omaha games already worth of $1.1 million! Lets see if he keeps running hot…



DanDock21 was running very hot again. He was winning almost all the hands he played in.


He lost a bit before this nice run:

First hand: http://www.pokerhand.org/?1642504

Second hand: http://www.pokerhand.org/?1642511

Eight hand: http://www.pokerhand.org/?1642516

He then proceeded to take more money mostly from Marcus Golser (jumper17) and William Thorson (Froodo) having a stack of over $260.000 at one point!

Huge hand with jumper17 and MrSmokey1 – 148k:


Idontgiveashi was playing nicely in few tables yesterday – first building up a stack of 170k in another one and then starting to lose really fast in another table.

DanDock21 was the one giving him hard times at the other table. In less than 10 minutes Idontgiveashi was sitting went from a big winner to a loser. Here is the sick hand that ended the session:


DanDock21 was telling Hiirim how he puts his money in always with the worst hands – and how Hiirim will go broke soon.


DanDock21: u cant go tilt off 200k in the big game
DanDock21: your habits will break u
DanDock21: u arent that talented sorry

Few hands after the speech he took Hiirims money:

DanDock21 doubles up – 40k pot: http://www.pokerhand.org/?1625825

Overpairs fighting – 51,5k pot: http://www.pokerhand.org/?1625833

DanDock21 has been running quite well lately – finishing off another session later with a $160k stack!

DanDock21 has been giving a lot of headaches to player – and to railbirds.


He used to just do hit’n’runs – starting with 8k on the 40k tables and trying to double up and then leave. But nowadays he has been more comfortable playing also with the bigger stacks.

Being up over $400.000 at Full Tilt Pokers Omaha helps also – he just finished his last session where he got his stack up to $89.000k! No more hit-n-running!