Matt Hawrilenko

Good times, nice action, big win, big losses – that’s what Full Tilt Pokers big games have been lately. Saturday was again packed with action for example in the $200/$400 Omaha tables as well as no limit Hold’emin $500/$1000 CAP-tables.

Phil Ivey ended up winning the most – he made a profit of $240.000. The screenname Cogaz was the one losing – and a huge amount of $400.000. Another big winner was Tom “durrrr” Dwan – winning $175.000.

David Benymine lost about $70.000 at Omaha tables but ended up as a bitter loser in the Limit Hold’em games. He battled Matt “Hoss_TBF” Hawrilenko at the $1.000/2.000 tables.

Hawrilenko is considered to be one of the best limit Holdem players around, this night he was running really well taking $200.000 from Benyamine. This caused the following outburst from Benyamine:

David Benyamine: i will neveer play u again u are too
good i give my promess
Hoss_TBF: lol
Hoss_TBF: good at hitting every draw
David Benyamine: well done
Hoss_TBF: ran sick tonight, gg

Lets see if David keeps his promise!


Patrik Antonius and Matt Hawrilenko have played numerous times at Full Tilt Pokers $1000/2000 Limit Hold’em tables. During their last match Patrik aka. “FinddaGrind” suggested to Matt aka. Hoss_TBF” that they should arrange a live heads-up match.


Only the stakes would be a bit higher – if Patrik gets his way. They could be $3000/6000, $4000/8000 or even as high as $5000/10000! Matt was not willing to play with such high stakes and Patrik proposed that he could get backers for the high limits. The match (if they agree on the terms) will propably take place during this years WSOP.

Here is the chat:

FinddaGrind: since i cant beat u online
FinddaGrind: would u like to play live sometimes?
Hoss_TBF: maybe at wsop, but honestly you might have to give me a rebate
FinddaGrind: i’d like to play 3k 6k or 4k 8k or 5k 10k
FinddaGrind: rebate?
Hoss_TBF: sorry, this is as high as i go right now
FinddaGrind: let me know if u wanna play maybe some others would like to put money on u…
Hoss_TBF: but anyhow, i’ll be in vegas for wsop and we can definitely talk about a match then

FinddaGrind: gg
Hoss_TBF: gg, gl

Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies took some serious beatings in the $1000/2000 limit Texas Hold’em game. He faced the limit heads-up specialist Matt “Hoss_TBF” Hawrilenko in a series of sessions.


The first one ending when Matt hit nicely on his last three hands: flopping trips, rivering a set and making a runner-runner flush to win huge pots.

After a short break the games continued and Ziigmund lost another $60.000 totalling his losings to around $230.000 for the session.

David Benyamine has been playing recently a lot of $1000/2000 limit hold’em. Yesterday he had many tough matches going on.


In the first one he beat Sassi pretty well – winning $100.000 from him. Kings hold up to finish the session:

Bryce Paradis (Freedom25) faced Benyamine again in a long heads-up match where Bryce managed to pull out an impressive $210.000 victory.

Bryce running well with 73:

At the same time Benyamine was winning around $80.000 in another table playing with Matt Hawrilenko (Hoss_TBF) and Patrik Antonius (FinddaGrind) and others.

Matt Hawrilenko (Hoss_TBF) played a couple of sessions again against David Benyamine at Full Tilt Pokers big limit holdem tables.


Hawrilenko was dominating two of the three tables they played at and ended up winning over $100.000.

Sick turn – sicker river:

Simon Münz (ScHnibL0r) took some shots at the big $1000/2000 limit holdem games.


Featuring these two icons he went to challenge all the tough names – including Matt Hawrilenko (Hoss_TBF) and Bryce Paradis (Freedom25).

Yesterday didn’t end up too well for him. He played a marathon session against Freedom25 – ended up losing over $150k. Quite a rough result considering he was up over 200k at one point.

Then he went on to play two tables against Nizot Skizared – losing $300.000!

Trying to bluff at the river – 24k pot:

Guess he had a 6? – 32k pot:

After these sessions we spotted him playing back at $200/400.

During a very long session Sassi was looking good at the table with a huge stack:


The game started by Hoss_TBF (Matt Hawrilenko) and Sassi cleaning up David Benyamine. Then FinddaGrind (Patrik Antonius) and ScHnibLOr (Simon Münz) joined the party. Sassi ended up winning over 300k for the day!

Hoss_TBF had $250.000 at one point only to lose it all to Sassi – but managing to rebuild his stack after reloading. FinddaGrind was the one reloading most (losing around 250k) and ScHnibLOr was losing a bit also.

Sassi hits nicely on the river – 43k pot:

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