Patrik Antonius and Matt Hawrilenko have played numerous times at Full Tilt Pokers $1000/2000 Limit Hold’em tables. During their last match Patrik aka. “FinddaGrind” suggested to Matt aka. Hoss_TBF” that they should arrange a live heads-up match.


Only the stakes would be a bit higher – if Patrik gets his way. They could be $3000/6000, $4000/8000 or even as high as $5000/10000! Matt was not willing to play with such high stakes and Patrik proposed that he could get backers for the high limits. The match (if they agree on the terms) will propably take place during this years WSOP.

Here is the chat:

FinddaGrind: since i cant beat u online
FinddaGrind: would u like to play live sometimes?
Hoss_TBF: maybe at wsop, but honestly you might have to give me a rebate
FinddaGrind: i’d like to play 3k 6k or 4k 8k or 5k 10k
FinddaGrind: rebate?
Hoss_TBF: sorry, this is as high as i go right now
FinddaGrind: let me know if u wanna play maybe some others would like to put money on u…
Hoss_TBF: but anyhow, i’ll be in vegas for wsop and we can definitely talk about a match then

FinddaGrind: gg
Hoss_TBF: gg, gl



1. Phil Ivey wins WPT

Phil Ivey has made the World Poker Tour final table numerous times – but last week he managed to squeeze out his first win! On top of the title he also earned a nice $1,596,100. He had won already 5 WSOP bracelets, but never a WPT title. Ivey is the best knownplayer from Full Tilt Poker – home of the biggest cash games.


Phil Ivey – the best tournament player ever?

Final results:

1. Phil Ivey – $1,596,100
2. Quinn Do – $909,400
3. Charles Moore – $625,630
4. Nam Le – $411,770
5. Scott Montgomery – $296,860
6. Phil Hellmuth – $229,820

2. Chris “Jesus” Ferguson wins Heads-Up Championships

Chris Ferguson came 2nd in 2005 and in 2006 in the NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship. Now he beat Andy Bloch in the final to take home the title and $500.000. So it was to playes from team Full Tilt Poker at the Finals – Phil Ivey making fourth at the tournament.


Chris “Jesus” Ferguson – the best heads-up tournament player ever?

All the players that made it to the money:

1. Chris Ferguson – $500,000
2. Andy Bloch – $250,000
3. Huck Seed – $125,000
4. Phil Ivey – $ 125,000
5. Gus Hansen – $75,000
6. Jonathan Little – $75,000
7. Orel Hershiser – $75,000
8. David Benyamine – $75,000
9. Mike Matusow – $25,000
10. Phil Laak – $25,000
11. Greg Raymer – $25,000
12. J.C Tran – $25,000
13. Doyle Brunson – $25,000
14. Scott Fischman – $25,000
15. Freddy Deeb – $25,000
16. Michael Mizrachi – $25,000

3. Jonathan Little kicked out from Team Full Tilt Poker

Depsite of having a great success at live tournaments – winning already over $2.5 million – Jonathan Little got kicked out from the Full Tilt Team. WPT Mirage winner borrowed his own account for other players which is strictly forbidden by Full Tilt Poker.


Jonathan Little – sponsors worst nightmare?

The official statement:

“Despite having a great year on the WPT, Jonathan Little is no longer affiliated with Full Tilt Poker. He violated the terms and conditions of Full Tilt Poker by allowing other players to play his account. While we encourage our pros to play as much as they can, we do not allow them to share their account with any other players.

When a player on Full Tilt Poker plays against and chats with a red pro on the site, it is imperative that they be able to trust that it is really the advertised pro playing the account. Given that Mr. Little violated that trust, we have decided to sever his ties to the site, and close his account.

Full Tilt Poker values the trust of its players and will deal with any violation of that trust swiftly. We apologize to any of our players who may have been misled during the past few months by Mr. Little’s actions.”

So rumors are that the player behind the nickname “seda1” would be a wealthy businessman called Shaw Sedaghat. He is already known for playing in some really high-stakes poker games. He is known for winning millions from Ron Meyer (the long time head of Universal Studios).


Sedaghat has been seen also at the live tournament circuit, including a cash at the WSOP main event in 2005 and running good at the LAPC. And one piece of interesting evidence is that he was the President and CEO for a company named Seda Speciality Packing.

Daniel Negreanu has also played against Shaw Sedaghat at huge live games and commented the game:

“My last match was versus a businessman who played very weak. He didn’t raise pre-flop and and never check-raised. How I lost… I’ll never know, LOL.”

So it would seem that another businessman with huge amounts of money is having some fun with “the big boys”! Maybe this answers the questions “who is seda1?”.. but remember these are still rumors!

Poker Legend David “Chip” Reese died during the night between monday and tuesday while sleeping. 56-years old Reese went to hospital on monday night but was sent home where he died during the night – no reason known yet.

Chip Reese is known to be the player that won most money during the big cash games in Vegas during between 1980-2000. Not to forget his WSOP H.O.R.S.E. win from last year – the most precious tournament with $50.000 buy-in.

We will miss you Chip!