Bluff magazine revealed in the latest issue the personalities under the names Urindanger and jinsokkp. Two brothers have been playing with these accounts Di Dang and Hac Dang.

“For those not already aware, Hac and Z are nosebleed-stakes cash game players on Full Tilt Poker who have won millions of dollars beating up on some of the toughest competition on the internet. The brothers, Di (pronounced “Z”) and Hac Dang, own and share the account”


Di ‘Z’ Dang began playing poker in a home game against his friends. He got the bug and began to study hard; reading books, magazines, and forums. Two years later has him playing online, usually 8 to 12 simulatenous high stakes cash games.

Now there have lots of rumors that trex313 account would actually be their account – or mainly played by Hac Dang. trex313 has been on a very nice winning streak – again yesterday beating Phil Ivey with hands like this (winning around $100.000):