The Mouth

Huge pots have been the new of the game at Full Tilt Poker lately. Brian Hastings won this huge pot worth $354.060 while Mike “the Mouth” Matusow was firing up the chat:

But his session ended still as a loser, on another table he managed to lose around $500.000! Talk about running bad at that one!. Another loser who won a huge pot was screenname SteveSung, here is a pot worth of $246.258:

Looks like Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies has managed to end his downswing booking nice sessions lately – he is currently up around $300.000 this month!


Mike Matusow has been known to lose lot in the bigger games at Full Tilt Poker. He is also famous for burning thru his WSOP winnings pretty quickly – mainly by having fun and having girls, girls, girls 🙂

Now we have seen him playing a lot at the smaller tables. We witnessed a session where he played at two $25/50 no-limit Hold’em tables. Starting with $5.000 at both tables and ending up with pretty impressive stacks – $55.000 and $26.000. Nicely done Mikey!


Mike Matusow is known for his wild behavior and language at the tables – he has been showing these skills also at the online tables.


Here are few nice ones, lonesomegeorge1 (The Grinder?) giving also some back:

Mike Matusow: how bad is juanda lonesome
Mike Matusow: is he better then roland

lonesomegeorge1: juanda is much better then roland
Mike Matusow: lol
John Juanda: i’m bad but at least i dont whine all the time
Mike Matusow: i know
Mike Matusow: the tooth fairy is

Mike Matusow: lonesome hows it feel to be so sexy and so rich
Mike Matusow: and im so ugly andd so broke

lonesomegeorge1: mike your not that ugly
lonesomegeorge1: ur hot

Mike Matusow: na busted is great ve been busted for 8 yrs
Mike Matusow: when u broke u can play on other peoples money if u got money u got to play your own
John Juanda: mikey has been really unlucky for the last 8 years or so

Mike Matusow: lonesome is pretty hot i want to bang him myself
Mike Matusow: will u rub ur bald head between my legs lonesome

lonesomegeorge1: i would except mikey is too strong for me
Mike Matusow: we could wrestle
lonesomegeorge1: and i wouldnt hit a pregnent man