What is a railbird?

-Person that watches other people playing poker – for fun or for learning something new from other players

What are the most interesting things for a railbird?

-Big pots and famous players playing

Where you can find the biggest pots and toughest player to railbird?

-Most of the high stakes games nowadays take place at Full Tilt Poker – you can normally find games at $40.000 buy-in pot-limit Omaha and $40.000 or $60.000 buy-in no-limit Texas. Limit Omaha high-low $1000/2000 is also played there regularly.

-Next place to find some action (but not so often) is MicroGaming Network (Prima-network). There you can find more no-limit Texas than Omaha. Buy-in for the larger games there is also $40.000.

Who is who?

At Full Tilt you can find lot of pros playing under their real names, for more info check out our list of online poker screennames.

For example you can find players like Patrik Antonius (CryMeARiver8 at Full Tilt and I_Knockout_U at MicroGaming) and Brian Townsend (sbrugby at Full Tilt) playing for huge amounts almost every day!