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Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius vs. Doyle Brunson has been the hot topic lately. They will have a huge heads-up challenge in poker as well in golf. But Patrik has also many other bets coming this summer!

One that has been talked for ages is finally taking place – the tennis-bet with Gus Hansen. The match will be played also during the WSOP and it is worth $200.000 for the winner.

Then Patrik will face Brandon Adams in a combined tennis&golf bet for $100.000.

He will team up with his assistant Nick to play two Finnish pro players for a golf match worth $200.000.

And he will also face Daniel Negreanu in a huge heads-up with Stud 8 or Better & Golf – this one will be worth $500.000.

So Antonius is putting already $1.000.000 on the line without even counting the bet against Doyle Brunson – and that will propably be the biggest one!

Mucking straight flush?

Patrik hasn’t played very actively lately online, but we saw one pretty interesting hand:

Patrik Antonius and “ICallSoWhat” were facing each other on a PLO heads up match yesterday. “ICallSoWhat” only had $16k against Antonius $85k when this pot happened.
Antonius just called pre-flop and the flop came 6c 5c 2c.
Antonius check-called the bet by “ICallSoWhat” and the turn brought a 7h.

Then it all started to go wrong for Antonius. Antonius checked and “ICallSoWhat” bet $1,6k. Antonius lost connection and “ICallSoWhat” manage to won that small pot. After the hand Antonius was talking with “ICallSoWhat” about what happened and blamed FTP:

FinddaGrind: who won the pot?
ICallSoWhat: i did
FinddaGrind: what u had?
ICallSoWhat: nuts
FinddaGrind: i had straight flush lol
ICallSoWhat: of course u dont believe
FinddaGrind: u really had nut flush?
ICallSoWhat: wow
ICallSoWhat: glad u got disconnected
FinddaGrind: i had 34 clubs
ICallSoWhat: had 3 2s other tbl
FinddaGrind: !!%%ing full tilt
FinddaGrind: its not my connection its fulltilt
ICallSoWhat: was kinda kicking myself that u got disconnected
FinddaGrind: i dont get disconnected anywhere else
ICallSoWhat: 😦
FinddaGrind: gg
ICallSoWhat: gg


Daniel Negreanu and Brian Hastings are planning to fight at PokerStars in two different matches. The first one will be No-limit Texas Holdem and the other on in H.O.R.S.E. The best part are the stakes – $100.000 in line in both of the matches.

Daniel Negreanu wants to play big at his sponsor site!

The initiative for the match came from Hastings but Negreanu tells that he is ready for the challenge: “I’ve never seen him play HORSE before, but doubt that he’d be able to beat me at that game. Hold’em is a different story since it’s his “bread and butter” game. It’s not an ego thing for me at all, I just wanna play!”

Brian Hastings is well known for his heads-up skills!

Hastings might be a slight favourite in Holdem but Daniel surely has tons of more experience in H.O.R.S.E. Negreanu makes also few notes on the games at PokerStars: “The $200-$400 game has been going pretty strong and my edge in that game is really big. I thought the $200-$400 limit hold’em games were juicy, but the $200-$400 HORSE games have been super soft lately. So many clear mistakes being made in all of the games. Outside of Barry Greenstien, I’ve yet to run into a player that doesn’t have a weak game.”

So lets wait and see if this one really happens!

So rumors are that the player behind the nickname “seda1” would be a wealthy businessman called Shaw Sedaghat. He is already known for playing in some really high-stakes poker games. He is known for winning millions from Ron Meyer (the long time head of Universal Studios).


Sedaghat has been seen also at the live tournament circuit, including a cash at the WSOP main event in 2005 and running good at the LAPC. And one piece of interesting evidence is that he was the President and CEO for a company named Seda Speciality Packing.

Daniel Negreanu has also played against Shaw Sedaghat at huge live games and commented the game:

“My last match was versus a businessman who played very weak. He didn’t raise pre-flop and and never check-raised. How I lost… I’ll never know, LOL.”

So it would seem that another businessman with huge amounts of money is having some fun with “the big boys”! Maybe this answers the questions “who is seda1?”.. but remember these are still rumors!


Jonas “Nebuchad” Danielsson received a prize at the Scandinavian Poker Awards for the best online-player title. The ceremony was hosted by PokerStars Daniel Negreanu.


Negreanu asks him to explain a bit the history behind the nickname “Nebuchad” and things start to go wrong, check out the video here:

Obviously Jonas messes up a bit with his words and says things in a wrong way. This was surely an accident and here is his answer to the critics:

“I feel comfortable in my english when I write. Its completly different from writing on here and speaking in front of like 300 people (which included many of my idols). I laugh at mystupidself and I hope other people can laugh at me too and see it for what it was. Which was a nervous kid making a big blunder. To clarify, I dont have any anti-semetism in me and I apologize deeply to those people who were offended by my mistake. I hope after this that you might laugh at this stupid wierd kid that I am.”

Check out his player profile here: Jonad Danielsson – Nebuchad

Who is your favourite poker player? Many would say Daniel Negreanu without a doubt. Negreanu is one of the most liked poker players not only by railbirds but also by fellow poker players. He is also one of the most successful players ever in both tournament and cash-games. PokerStars did a nice job by recruiting him a while ago.


Daniel has been getting lots of attention in televised tournaments and invites to all of the greatest poker shows – like a permanent residence at the High Staker Poker-series. He also uses a lot of time to play at PokerStars, last Sunday he played again at the High Stakes Showdown and won it.


Tournament winnings worth $10.000.000  

Negreanu has managed to win almost ten millions from live tournaments – on top of that he is an excellent cash game player both live and online. He is also known for his comments and articles about tournaments and the way hands were played. His writings are regularly published in poker magazines and internet sites. He has also made a book about poker.

After signing with PokerStars he has been very active with the site. Playing tournaments as well as the big games – we have seen him playing regularly at the $100/200 No-limit tables. And on top of that he is also very friendly to the railbirds, chatting and always sharing things about his life. Not to forget winning the High Stakes Showdown from time to time. Last week he faced very tough opponents like Chris Lee “Genius28″ and Isaac Haxton “philivey2694“.

Daniel is also very active with blogging, you can read his latest blog and report from the High Stakes Showdown here.

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Daniel Negreanu (KidPoker) doesn’t like Josh Field (JJProdigy) too much.


Josh was interviewed by Poker Road a while ago conserning his cheating/multiple account issues. Negreanu got really frustrated becouse Josh was handled really easily. He was not confronted with real questions about his cheatings and they let him get away easily from saying “I can’t promise that I will never play at PokerStars or PartyPoker” (remember that he is banned for life in those sites).

Negreanu says that Josh isn’t even sorry for the things he did – he is just a lier and a cheat. Negreanu also thinks that he should not be accepted to the poker community or live tournaments. And we totally agree!

PokerStars winner takes it all $5000+200 tournament gathered 20 players to battle for the $100.000 first price. There were lots of familiar names in the mix including Daniel Negreanu (KidPoker) and Barry Greenstein (barryg1).

Barry made his way to the finals playing Peter Jetten (Apathy) for the win. Peter suggested a deal but Barry declined… better for Peter since he went on to beat Barry taking home $100k.


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