Gus Hansen was the hottest topic during the WPT Championships $25.000 buy-in event. He was leading the tournament and entering the final table as the favourite to win the whole thing. The beginning of heads-up play looked even more promising as Gus had a 6:1 chiplead over David Chiu. Then things started to go wrong.

The last hand was pretty interesting:

Hansen raised to 750,000 pre-flop and Chiu called. The flop was Ac Tc 8s and Chiu checked. Gus then bet 900.000 – which was called by Chiu.

The turn brought 5s and now Chiu went on to bet 1,200,000. Hansen declared all-in. Chiu had to risk 8,675,000 more to make the call.

Chiu thought for a moment and then called with As 9s (top-pair and the nut flush draw) and Hansen showed Ts 8h (flopped two-pair).

The river was very unfortunate for Hansen as it brought the Ace of Hearts making trips for Chiu.

Here is the look of a very disappointed runner-up:

Final payouts:

1. David Chiu – $3,389,140
2. Gus Hansen – $1,714,800
3. John Roveto – $923,355
4. Cory Carroll – $593,645
5. Tommy Le – $395,725
6. Jeff King – $263,815