So rumors are that the player behind the nickname “seda1” would be a wealthy businessman called Shaw Sedaghat. He is already known for playing in some really high-stakes poker games. He is known for winning millions from Ron Meyer (the long time head of Universal Studios).


Sedaghat has been seen also at the live tournament circuit, including a cash at the WSOP main event in 2005 and running good at the LAPC. And one piece of interesting evidence is that he was the President and CEO for a company named Seda Speciality Packing.

Daniel Negreanu has also played against Shaw Sedaghat at huge live games and commented the game:

“My last match was versus a businessman who played very weak. He didn’t raise pre-flop and and never check-raised. How I lost… I’ll never know, LOL.”

So it would seem that another businessman with huge amounts of money is having some fun with “the big boys”! Maybe this answers the questions “who is seda1?”.. but remember these are still rumors!


Bluff magazine revealed in the latest issue the personalities under the names Urindanger and jinsokkp. Two brothers have been playing with these accounts Di Dang and Hac Dang.

“For those not already aware, Hac and Z are nosebleed-stakes cash game players on Full Tilt Poker who have won millions of dollars beating up on some of the toughest competition on the internet. The brothers, Di (pronounced “Z”) and Hac Dang, own and share the account”


Di ‘Z’ Dang began playing poker in a home game against his friends. He got the bug and began to study hard; reading books, magazines, and forums. Two years later has him playing online, usually 8 to 12 simulatenous high stakes cash games.

Now there have lots of rumors that trex313 account would actually be their account – or mainly played by Hac Dang. trex313 has been on a very nice winning streak – again yesterday beating Phil Ivey with hands like this (winning around $100.000):


We saw a short session where FinddaGrind (Patrik Antonius) and Ziigmund (Ilari Sahamies) faced eachother heads-up. FinddaGrind won about $80.000 in a short session. After they quit Sahamies wrote on the chat:

Ziigmund: wp tony
Ziigmund: gg
FinddaGrind: gg

Another interesting piece of information was earlier when Tony G was playing in the Crown Casino but sitting at the Full Tilt Omaha table at the same time. Roland de Wolfe approached him:

Roland de Wolfe: ur playing at crown casino right now
Roland de Wolfe: so who is this on the account

But never received any answer…. so could it be possible that the guys have switched accounts to confuse opponents?


After the Aussie Millions there were some really nice cashgames going on. The largest ones were $500/1000 and $1000/2000 no-limit Texas hold’em and pot-limit Omaha. Some rumours have spread out:

-Patrik Antonius won over $500.000 in one session.

-Niki Jedlicka lost over $500.000 to Jeffrey Lissandro and Tony G

-Niki thinks that Lissandro sucks big time at Omaha 🙂


KObyTAPOUT has been seen playing only at the biggest pot-limit Omaha tables, but now he has been seen playing also at the no-limit Texas tables.

First he played against Urindanger – losing $280.000. When Urindanger left OMGClayAiken (Phil Galfond) challenged KObyTAPOUT and lost $100.000. Next one was Aeron73 – losing $20.000.

There was some controversy who was really playing with the nickname KObyTAPOUT. Rumors are telling that the owner of this account is Jani Vilmunen – highstakes cashgame player from Finland who has also made WSOP final table at pl-Omaha.

He is also very good friend of Patrik Antonius – so it might be FinddaGrind playing with Vilmunens account?


Jani Vilmunen well dressed – as always!

After Playing Pot Limit Omaha with Gus Hansen at Full Tilt Poker and losing quite heavily David Benyamine has said:

David Benyamine: good luck
David Benyamine: im done on full tilt
David Benyamine: finished 4 me
David Benyamine: 6.5 million loser
David Benyamine: got myword
David Benyamine: i ll stay here
David Benyamine: but nomore game

There is a really long threat on this at 2+2 forum

David has been winning millions in Pot Limit Omaha, but losing even more at No Limit Holdem and Fixed Limit games. Still David has been broke before and made huge comebacks. I’ll guess that it doesn’t take a week to see Benyamine back at the tables.

Ugadabugada won earlier this year $500.000 in pot-limit Omaha – many rumors told that is was Ilari Sahamies (Ziigmund) playing then with this account. Normally Ugadabugada is playing much smaller games and is supposed to be the account of Ville Wahlbeck (Isokala on Prima).


But why would Isokala or Ziigmund play $300/600 No-limit Texas now? So might it be their friend Patrik Antonius hiding under another nick again? Maybe not becouse he has been playing a lot with his own account.

Maybe it’s just Isokala who tilted and decided to take a shot in the big game… or some other Finnish pro? Check out the chat:

Genius28: who is this
Genius28: im gonna stop playing unless i find out
Ugadabugada: Look
Genius28: look where
Ugadabugada: this is no shared account. I play 10/20 normally
Genius28: whatever
Genius28: lets keep playing
Ugadabugada: Took a shot, everything was just fine until i played with OMGclayaiken

There were some pretty sick hands when Ugadabugada was playing 3*$300/600 NL tables:

Ugadabugada calls $25.000 with bottom pair:

Ugadabugada wins 120k pot:

Sick bluff by Ugadabugada – 160k pot:

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