Ugadabugada won earlier this year $500.000 in pot-limit Omaha – many rumors told that is was Ilari Sahamies (Ziigmund) playing then with this account. Normally Ugadabugada is playing much smaller games and is supposed to be the account of Ville Wahlbeck (Isokala on Prima).


But why would Isokala or Ziigmund play $300/600 No-limit Texas now? So might it be their friend Patrik Antonius hiding under another nick again? Maybe not becouse he has been playing a lot with his own account.

Maybe it’s just Isokala who tilted and decided to take a shot in the big game… or some other Finnish pro? Check out the chat:

Genius28: who is this
Genius28: im gonna stop playing unless i find out
Ugadabugada: Look
Genius28: look where
Ugadabugada: this is no shared account. I play 10/20 normally
Genius28: whatever
Genius28: lets keep playing
Ugadabugada: Took a shot, everything was just fine until i played with OMGclayaiken

There were some pretty sick hands when Ugadabugada was playing 3*$300/600 NL tables:

Ugadabugada calls $25.000 with bottom pair:

Ugadabugada wins 120k pot:

Sick bluff by Ugadabugada – 160k pot: