September 2007

Ilari Sahamies “Ziigmund” just totally dominated Nikolaus Jedlicka “Niki Jedlicka / KaiBuxxe / RealAndyBeal”:


They were playing two tables very aggressively and Ziigmund got his stacks up to $238k and $140k – winning around $200k. After the last runner-runner flush Ziigmund made Jedlicka gave up:

Niki Jedlicka: gg
Niki Jedlicka: cu later
Ziigmund: lets play litl bit more
Niki Jedlicka: gtg
Niki Jedlicka: late allready
Ziigmund: okgg
Niki Jedlicka: beside u outplaying and outcarding me
Niki Jedlicka: lol


At Full Tilt from Luigi66369 to CryMeARiver8 to FinddaGrind!


Ok this one is pretty sure… just watch out I_Knockout_U logging on/off from Prima-network at the same times as FinddaGrind logging on/off to Full Tilt.

Also poker-forums in Finland are quoting him as FinddaGrind and…

…maybe some hints could be a new screenname coming out from the blue to dominate biggest games in all types – playing $300/600 nl, $1000/2000 hi-low and the big Omaha games. Playing style similiar to Luigi66369… and we haven’t seen CryMeARiver8 since FinddaGrind appeared at the tables.

FinddaGrind emerged about a week ago and now he has already won $200k in no-limit Texas and over $400k at pot-limit Omaha!

Phil Ivey and Phil Galfond (OMGClayAiken) fought at $300/600 no-limit table.


Galfond started strongly, but then Ivey got back with a vengeance winning $90k:

Flopped trips vs. top-pair:

Iveys Queens hold up:

Runner-runner quads – $118k pot:

Gutshot Ivey – $154k pot:

Nikolaus Jedlicka (KaiBuxxe / RealAndyBeal) has signed a deal with Full Tilt Poker – from now on you can find him playing under the name Niki Jedlicka at Full Tilt, he started nicely with his new name at two tables:


On his way to win these stacks he went on to completely destroy Gus Hansen, here are a few interesting hands:

Gus drawing:

Gus on tilt?:

DaEvils is know to be FoxwoodsFiend at 2p2 and his real name is Ariel Schneller. But he is a friend of Prahlad Friendman (Zweig / Poopers) and there are rumors that everytime you see DaEvils play higher – it’s actually Prahlad.


Last night we wittnessed intresting discussion after DaEvils beat Ziigmund:

Ziigmund: who are you?

DaEvils: FoxwoodsFiend on 2p2
DaEvils: Vick Is God on stars
DaEvils: friends w/pr1nnyraid and whitelime
Ansky451: who are u
Ansky451: i thought
Ansky451: u were prahlad all this time
Ansky451: u fcking liar

DaEvils: you guys weren’t supposed to read that
DaEvils: keep it quiet please
DaEvils: i’ll ship $$$
Ansky451: haha
Ansky451: nice

Then Ansky451 and DaEvils countinue to chat about their coinflips and drinking etc.. so they seem to know each other pretty well.

Ilari Sahamies (Ziigmund) was playing very well against DaEvils in no-limit Texas and dominating livingonjsandqs in Omaha.


Then he ran into these two hands almost at the same time – and quit playing:

What can you do when you have the nuts (against DaEvils):

Not too many outs for livingonjsandqs:

Sick coinflip with Phil Ivey

Later Ziigmund was playing against Phil Ivey and they decided to go for a coinflip for all the money they had in front of them. Phil being the lucky one won the pot worth $104.430,50!

Gus Hansen: you are so lucky
Phil Ivey: u just figured that out
Gus Hansen: no I have known it all a long

Right after we wrote that nobody wants to play with LarsLuzak we had a new challenger. DaEvils was playing LarsLuzak at three different tables – each of them started as heads-up matches (but many players joined to play with them).

Good river for LarsLuzak?:

LarsLuzak seems to be very good… but also very lucky:

Another Aces for DaEvils:

After this hand LarsLuzak quickly quit – winning around $50.000. At the same time he won around $60.000 also in pl Omaha.

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