Huge pots have been the new of the game at Full Tilt Poker lately. Brian Hastings won this huge pot worth $354.060 while Mike “the Mouth” Matusow was firing up the chat:


But his session ended still as a loser, on another table he managed to lose around $500.000! Talk about running bad at that one!. Another loser who won a huge pot was screenname SteveSung, here is a pot worth of $246.258:

Looks like Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies has managed to end his downswing booking nice sessions lately – he is currently up around $300.000 this month!


Yesterday was action packed at PokerStars big tables. Brian Hastings has been playing a lot lately at Full Tilt but also at PokerStars under the screenname “$tinger 88”. The hot player seems to be lately screenname Steve_Haris.

The tables have been full with players like Brian Hastings, philivey2694, bet2win, Steve_Haris and aah_snap involved in a lot of action. Here is an example of a hand where Brian “$tinger 88” Hastings gets a nice pot:


“ahh_snap” winning a nice pot, players going all-in on the flop:

Daniel Negreanu and Brian Hastings are planning to fight at PokerStars in two different matches. The first one will be No-limit Texas Holdem and the other on in H.O.R.S.E. The best part are the stakes – $100.000 in line in both of the matches.

Daniel Negreanu wants to play big at his sponsor site!

The initiative for the match came from Hastings but Negreanu tells that he is ready for the challenge: “I’ve never seen him play HORSE before, but doubt that he’d be able to beat me at that game. Hold’em is a different story since it’s his “bread and butter” game. It’s not an ego thing for me at all, I just wanna play!”

Brian Hastings is well known for his heads-up skills!

Hastings might be a slight favourite in Holdem but Daniel surely has tons of more experience in H.O.R.S.E. Negreanu makes also few notes on the games at PokerStars: “The $200-$400 game has been going pretty strong and my edge in that game is really big. I thought the $200-$400 limit hold’em games were juicy, but the $200-$400 HORSE games have been super soft lately. So many clear mistakes being made in all of the games. Outside of Barry Greenstien, I’ve yet to run into a player that doesn’t have a weak game.”

So lets wait and see if this one really happens!

Yesterday was yet another day with lots of action and huge pots. Di “Urindanger” Dang played a marathon session against a new player “x13full” – beating him finally. David Benyamine was back with a vengeance – building a stack alomost worth $400.000! Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies was having a huge rollercoaster again – building huge stacks then losing lots of those to Benyamine.


Di Dand – Urindanger winner of the marathon session

Urindanger vs. x13full – the hand that ended the session:


Brian Hastings (LucLongley/$tinger88) vs. Ziigmund:


Ziigmund vs. guaranteed376 – 123k pot:


Ziigmund vs. guaranteed378 – 141k pot:



Ziigmund running hot – maybe too hot?

Ziigmund vs. FinddaGrind vs. Manechka – 134k pot:


David Benyamine beats Ziigmund – 158k pot:



Patrik Antonius – FinddaGrind taking beatings from Ziigmund

Ziigmund vs. FinddaGrind – 158k pot:


Patrik expressing his frustrations:

FinddaGrind: listen guys
FinddaGrind: i know u r all watching
FinddaGrind: i havent played this game for like 6 months because no one ever plays
FinddaGrind: and its a mazing
FinddaGrind: why all of u r sitting here
FinddaGrind: u all would have an enge vs me at the moment
FinddaGrind: u play this everyday
FinddaGrind: i just want to gamgle
FinddaGrind: thats all
FinddaGrind: peace