December 2007

Ilari Sahamies (Ziigmund) is having a nice run at the big games at Full Tilt Poker. He managed to win the 6th largest online pot ever from Phil Ivey – playing heads-up at Ivey Thunderdome.


On the hand Ziigmund raised preflop with As 5 d 2 s 2d hand and Ivey called with Ad Kh 9d 5c.

Flop was 9h 9d 2h giving Ziigmund the boat. Ivey checked and Ziigmund bet $6000, Ivey check-raised to $21.000 and Ziigmund called.

The turn was a very nice card for Ziigmund 2c – Ivey bet $45.000 and Ziigmund went all-in. Ivey then called and failed to hit the last nine of the deck.

Phil Ivey: oops lol

And then he quit 🙂


Brandon Adams told about the games that have been recently running at Bellagios Bobby’s Room. The game has been pot-limit Omaha with blinds as huge as $2000/4000! The cap has been set for $200.000/hand (the amount that one player can lose in one hand).

The game started with Partik Antonius and Sammy Farha. Later David Benyamine joined and even Phil Ivey stopped by to play for a while.

Rumors are telling that David Benyamine would be the big winner – winning around $ And the biggest loser would be Sammy Farha.


The crazy player from Finland is back in the big games – and managed to win 34k in Microgaming network and 70k at Full Tilt Poker.


He managed to win a sick pot worth 98k calling $20.000 pre-flop with 579J rainbow-hand. Here are his comments after the hand:

IDreamOfJenna: never missed 57j9
IDreamOfJenna: never
IDreamOfJenna: lifetime upswing with it

Hopefully we will see him back soon.

KObyTAPOUT has been seen playing only at the biggest pot-limit Omaha tables, but now he has been seen playing also at the no-limit Texas tables.

First he played against Urindanger – losing $280.000. When Urindanger left OMGClayAiken (Phil Galfond) challenged KObyTAPOUT and lost $100.000. Next one was Aeron73 – losing $20.000.

There was some controversy who was really playing with the nickname KObyTAPOUT. Rumors are telling that the owner of this account is Jani Vilmunen – highstakes cashgame player from Finland who has also made WSOP final table at pl-Omaha.

He is also very good friend of Patrik Antonius – so it might be FinddaGrind playing with Vilmunens account?


Jani Vilmunen well dressed – as always!

Poker Legend David “Chip” Reese died during the night between monday and tuesday while sleeping. 56-years old Reese went to hospital on monday night but was sent home where he died during the night – no reason known yet.

Chip Reese is known to be the player that won most money during the big cash games in Vegas during between 1980-2000. Not to forget his WSOP H.O.R.S.E. win from last year – the most precious tournament with $50.000 buy-in.

We will miss you Chip!


Huge action at Iveys big heads-up tables! Patrik Antonius (FinddaGrind) challenged Ivey in $2000/4000 limit HORSE and in $500/1000 pot-limit Omaha. Looking good:


It didn’t took too long for Ivey to take over $500.000 from Antonius – here are a few of the hands:


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