Simon Munz

There has been lots of action in Limit Holdem $1000/2000 tables lately – and David Benyamine has lost huge amounts.


He has had many -$200.000 sessions and again yesterday he played against ScHnibl0r (Simon Münz). And the session again didn’t finish too well from him – ScHnibLOr ending up with a nice $179.000 stack when Benyamine hit zero.

Some rumors are told that the total amount for Benyamines limit holdem losses would total up to a million already.


These two were battling it out on the $1000/2000 limit holdem for a very long session – around 10 hours.


The 20-year old German Simon Münz (SchnibLOr) took the early lead on Patrik Antonius (FinddaGrind) and kept it for a very long time. At one point of the match he was already having a stack of over $200k to Patriks $30k.

Then Patrik got into the game and the situation flipped completely – at one point Simon put the rest of his money in to double up and get back into the game.

When they finally finished the match the were both having +100k stacks – Simon winning around $25.000.

Patrik tries to bluff – 24k pot:

During a very long session Sassi was looking good at the table with a huge stack:


The game started by Hoss_TBF (Matt Hawrilenko) and Sassi cleaning up David Benyamine. Then FinddaGrind (Patrik Antonius) and ScHnibLOr (Simon Münz) joined the party. Sassi ended up winning over 300k for the day!

Hoss_TBF had $250.000 at one point only to lose it all to Sassi – but managing to rebuild his stack after reloading. FinddaGrind was the one reloading most (losing around 250k) and ScHnibLOr was losing a bit also.

Sassi hits nicely on the river – 43k pot:

David Benyamine had a rough night playing $1000/2000 limit holdem. The biggest winner from him was Matt Hawrilenko (Hoss_TBF) – winning over 120k from Benyamine.


Also Sassi and ScHnibLOr took their share and Benaymine lost around 200k in this limit session.

Hoss_TBFs Kings hold up:

Nice action-table:

Benyamine trying a river bluff: