Gus Hansen

Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius vs. Doyle Brunson has been the hot topic lately. They will have a huge heads-up challenge in poker as well in golf. But Patrik has also many other bets coming this summer!

One that has been talked for ages is finally taking place – the tennis-bet with Gus Hansen. The match will be played also during the WSOP and it is worth $200.000 for the winner.

Then Patrik will face Brandon Adams in a combined tennis&golf bet for $100.000.

He will team up with his assistant Nick to play two Finnish pro players for a golf match worth $200.000.

And he will also face Daniel Negreanu in a huge heads-up with Stud 8 or Better & Golf – this one will be worth $500.000.

So Antonius is putting already $1.000.000 on the line without even counting the bet against Doyle Brunson – and that will propably be the biggest one!

Mucking straight flush?

Patrik hasn’t played very actively lately online, but we saw one pretty interesting hand:

Patrik Antonius and “ICallSoWhat” were facing each other on a PLO heads up match yesterday. “ICallSoWhat” only had $16k against Antonius $85k when this pot happened.
Antonius just called pre-flop and the flop came 6c 5c 2c.
Antonius check-called the bet by “ICallSoWhat” and the turn brought a 7h.

Then it all started to go wrong for Antonius. Antonius checked and “ICallSoWhat” bet $1,6k. Antonius lost connection and “ICallSoWhat” manage to won that small pot. After the hand Antonius was talking with “ICallSoWhat” about what happened and blamed FTP:

FinddaGrind: who won the pot?
ICallSoWhat: i did
FinddaGrind: what u had?
ICallSoWhat: nuts
FinddaGrind: i had straight flush lol
ICallSoWhat: of course u dont believe
FinddaGrind: u really had nut flush?
ICallSoWhat: wow
ICallSoWhat: glad u got disconnected
FinddaGrind: i had 34 clubs
ICallSoWhat: had 3 2s other tbl
FinddaGrind: !!%%ing full tilt
FinddaGrind: its not my connection its fulltilt
ICallSoWhat: was kinda kicking myself that u got disconnected
FinddaGrind: i dont get disconnected anywhere else
ICallSoWhat: 😩
FinddaGrind: gg
ICallSoWhat: gg


Gus Hansen was the hottest topic during the WPT Championships $25.000 buy-in event. He was leading the tournament and entering the final table as the favourite to win the whole thing. The beginning of heads-up play looked even more promising as Gus had a 6:1 chiplead over David Chiu. Then things started to go wrong.

The last hand was pretty interesting:

Hansen raised to 750,000 pre-flop and Chiu called. The flop was Ac Tc 8s and Chiu checked. Gus then bet 900.000 – which was called by Chiu.

The turn brought 5s and now Chiu went on to bet 1,200,000. Hansen declared all-in. Chiu had to risk 8,675,000 more to make the call.

Chiu thought for a moment and then called with As 9s (top-pair and the nut flush draw) and Hansen showed Ts 8h (flopped two-pair).

The river was very unfortunate for Hansen as it brought the Ace of Hearts making trips for Chiu.

Here is the look of a very disappointed runner-up:

Final payouts:

1. David Chiu – $3,389,140
2. Gus Hansen – $1,714,800
3. John Roveto – $923,355
4. Cory Carroll – $593,645
5. Tommy Le – $395,725
6. Jeff King – $263,815


David Benyamine surely has showed some excellent skills during the last days – and also what running hot really means. In the last two days alone he has won over $600.000 – totalling his winnings from this month already up to $1.100.000. Making him the biggest winner at Full Tilt Poker this month.


David and his girlfriend Erica Schoenberg

And the best part is that he has played only 5 days this month! He has been beating Gus Hansen, Cole South and Eric Liu to name few that have witnessed his run maybe too closely.

Lets see if he countinues to dominate the tables – at least many opponents want to play against him. Players like Ilari Sahamies “Ziigmund” are constantly telling how bad Benyamine is.

Ziigmund: i hope u win them all
Ziigmund: he is just so f bad u know
Brian Hastings: i know
Ziigmund: nh brian
Brian Hastings: thanks
Brian Hastings: u really hate him huh haha

Ziigmund going down

But looking at Ziigmunds score this month… maybe it’s the other way around – Ziigmund has lost already $1.000.000 in pot-limit Omaha, to soften this he has won $150.000 in no-limit Texas.

Brian “LucLongley” Hastings has been running very hot in pot-limit Omaha this month. Monday night was again very busy at Full Tilt Pokers big tables – Hastings booking again winnings worth $95.000 totaling his winnings from this month already up to $640.000! Hastings plays also under the nickname $tinger88 at PokerStars big games.


Hastings has recently also joined team Full Tilt.

Di Dang aka. trex313 had a great evening at the Omaha tables – winning $295.000. But he has not been running as good as LucLongley earlier this month. After this nice session his total for the month is positive again – winnings worth $150.000.

Another player running hot on monday and this month is Finlands Jani Vilmunen aka. KObyTAPOUT booking $160.000 from monday and totalling his winnings up to $430.000.

Biggest losers in Omaha so far have been Gus Hansen and Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies.

Ilari Sahamies aka. Ziigmund has been making a lot of noise on the chat lately. Here are some of his best shots:

Gus Hansen: you cant get lucky every time
Ziigmund: fcuk u r retard
Ziigmund: how u can say so?
Ziigmund: u had again 6 out
Ziigmund: f tilt retard

Ziigmund: u r f retard
Ziigmund: i wanna u say u cant be always lucky
Ziigmund: FU

Ziigmund: never seen as bad as u

Ziigmund: toi gus on niin vitun lÀppÀ et huhhuhu
Ziigmund: ei paljoo lohduta ku se runkku vetÀny ohi 500k tÀnÀÀ jollain 2-6 outtisilla

Translation: that Gus is just a fucking joke, but it doesn’t help that the wanker has outdrawn me for 500k today on 2-6 outers

Maybe this was the reason (most of that is Ziigmunds money):


Next day trex313 got his share:

trex313: tell this clown to go home
Ziigmund: u should be your countrys president
.same skills same intelligence

durrrr: ziig jus fyi
durrrr: those insults dont really bother any competent person
durrrr: =)
trex313: i’m playing you cuz you’re just that bad
durrrr: the american ones i mean
Ziigmund: durrrr
Ziigmund: u r nice i like u
durrrr: hahaha i had to
Ziigmund: but that f moron trex is totally tiltretard

Gus Hansen told that internet-poker at Full Tilt Pokers high-limit tables can be very addictive for him. Winning and losing enormous amount in short sessions can make you wanna play even more…

Thats why Gus has played for example:

-while lying in the bed

-while watching a movie on a couch

-with wireless connection while sitting in a car!!! …but he didn’t drive himself!

Addicted? Definitely!


Ilari Sahamies (Ziigmund) faced Gus Hansen at $200/400 pot-limit Omaha. In this short session Gus won $80.000 and this lead into Sahamies asking Gus to borrow him $100.000!

Gus agreed to send $50.000 to Sahamies before leaving to airport. After this Sahamies proceeded to lose another $40.000 in NL Texas to Pokerface McGee.

The biggest pot – money went in the middle on the turn:


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