Patrik Antonius had quite many challengers wanting to play him yesterday at B2B-networks big tables. Patrik who goes at B2B by screenname “-ANTONIUS-” started nicely winning huge pots like this one:

Patrik goes all-in in the river and gets called – the pot was worth €68.265,50 which equals $106.000. But after a while the tables turned for “AFStar” in this very long heads-up session at the €100/200 no-limit table.

In one hand Patrik bet €18.000 on the river only to face AFStars all-in on a board of K-A-5-T-K (no flush draws). And after that AFStar seemed unstoppable.

AFStar ended up winning €75.000 for the day – most of those came from Patrik.


There has been some funny pictures found at 2+2 forums about spitting images of some famous poker players.

So who is the real Brian “sbrugby” Townsend here?

Or can you tell which one is the real Phil Ivey?

The other one is a football player from England!

But we have also a few other pictures that you haven’t seen before – did you know that some of the big names were martial arts actors in the 80’s? 😀

This must me the WSOP winner Jerry Yang!!!!!????

And wait wait….

There must be another WSOP winner also… JOHNNY CHAN!!!?!?!?!??

David Benyamine has got his confidence back and results have been very good lately.

This morning Benyamine won a massive $398k pot against Tom “durrrr” Dwan, in FTP PLO table.
Both of those players had deep stacks and then came this hand:

Before flop, players got over $33k in the middle.
Flop: Td2c4s

“CHUFTY”, who was shortstack was all-in and “ICallSoWhat” quickly moved all-in after flop. “durrrr” called and Benyamine raised the pot. “durrrr” moved then all-in and Benyamine of course called that. Pot was nearly $400k to Benyamine and “durrrr”.

Benyamine had the bottom two pair and an overpair, “durrrr” was holding a massive wrap.

Benyamine: 2h Qh Qd 4c
durrrr: 5s Ad 3s 6d

Turn was 8d and river Qc, so “durrrr” didnt catch his draw. CHUFTY won main pot, but becouse he had only less then a $6k stack before flop he only won $23k. Benyamine won both sidepots and took home a nice $191k profit in that hand.

Benyamine won over $300k in tuesday.

Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond could change his screenname to OMGHowLucky after his monday session.

He was playing $200/$400 PLO table against David Benyamine, Di “Urindanger” Dang, “lady marmelade”, Richard “CHUFTY” Ashby etc. Galfond lift his stack up to $80k, before winning a big pot against Di “Urindanger” Dang.

Galfond raised preflop and “Urindanger” & “MclovinLocin” called.

Galfond bet $4,4k and after a long thinking-pause “Urindanger” called
Now Galfond is thinking and bets $12,4k. “Urindanger” waits a little bit and proceeds to raise the pot ($51,6k). Galfond quickly moves all-in and “Urindanger” calls.

Sick turn for “OMGClayAiken” put it just get sicker…


And Galfond wins the pot worth over $126k.

Monday was pretty terrible to “Urindanger”. After all, he lost over $117k the in PLO tables.

Familiar face from TV-show High Stakes Poker Daniel Alaei, won again the PokerStars $5.200 Freezeout tournament.

Twenty players were in playing for the $100k. For example Annette Obrestad, Danny Ryan, Sorel Mizzi and Bryn Kenney were eliminated before heads up. In the end Daniel “steamraise” Alaei faced former Sunday Million winner “tomgus456” from Finland. Alaei was leading the heads up all the way and finally he bust “tomgus456” and took $100k to his account.

Alaei has done great work in Sundays $5,2k Freezeout tournaments. He also won the very same tournament on 30th of April.

Huge pots have been the new of the game at Full Tilt Poker lately. Brian Hastings won this huge pot worth $354.060 while Mike “the Mouth” Matusow was firing up the chat:

But his session ended still as a loser, on another table he managed to lose around $500.000! Talk about running bad at that one!. Another loser who won a huge pot was screenname SteveSung, here is a pot worth of $246.258:

Looks like Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies has managed to end his downswing booking nice sessions lately – he is currently up around $300.000 this month!

Yesterday was action packed at PokerStars big tables. Brian Hastings has been playing a lot lately at Full Tilt but also at PokerStars under the screenname “$tinger 88”. The hot player seems to be lately screenname Steve_Haris.

The tables have been full with players like Brian Hastings, philivey2694, bet2win, Steve_Haris and aah_snap involved in a lot of action. Here is an example of a hand where Brian “$tinger 88” Hastings gets a nice pot:

“ahh_snap” winning a nice pot, players going all-in on the flop: