David Benyamine and Phil Ivey face each other at the $2000/$4000 HORSE-game during sunday evening. David Benyamine was red hot and he dominate that swingy match pretty nicely.

One of the biggest pots of the night, Benyamine and Ivey were playing Stud Hi/Lo. When 5th street arrived, table cards were:
Ivey 3s4h3h
Benyamine Jc4d8h

Pot was $8,6k and Ivey first bet $4k. Benyamine raised to $8k and Ivey re-raised to $12k. Benyamine raised to max $16k and Ivey of course called that. Now the pot was $40,6k.
6th street:
Ivey 3s4h3h5c
Benyamine Jc4d8h7h

Ivey check-raised to $8k and Benyamine was now just calling.
After 7th street Ivey was just smooth calling Benyamines $8k raise and final pot was 72,6k.
Benyamine showed Jd 8s Jc 4d 8h 7h 8d and Ivey mucked his hand after getting beat by a full house.

Ivey made a few nice comebacks, but Benyamine dominate Ivey especially in Limit Holdem.

Ivey & Benyamine were playing that HORSE heads up nearly 5 hours and Benyamine won $212k by that time.