Many high stakes pros are very happy to see the ultra-rich Guy Laliberte back at Full Tilt Poker. Laliberte is known for example owning Cirque du Soleil and plays under then screenname “noataima”.

Yesterday he was back on the tables and lost $226.000 – another big loser was Ilari Sahamies “Ziigmund” (-$213.000) who has been having a crazy rollercoaster lately. Ziigmunds chat has been running also quite hot lately – here he is trashing Di Dang:

Ziigmund: hope u doie f godngodong
Ziigmund: fu moron chin
Urindanger: it’s chink.
Urindanger: learn to spell
Urindanger: chin. wtf
Ziigmund: what chink means?
Ziigmund: i didnt mean that word
Ziigmund: r u asian?

This hand might have something to do with it (Ziggys aces are cracked badly):

Tom Dwan “durrrr” has been doing really strong this month. Already booking winnings worth over $750.000 from April. Another big winner is Di Dang “Urindanger” – winning a bit over $370.000, but his brother Hac Dang “trex313” has lost $240.000.