PokerStars has been known best for its tournaments – the best structures, biggest prizepools and more players than anywhere else! PokerStars Sunday Million has become the most respected and precious tournament every week.

But nowadays you can find also huge cashgames going on at the No-limit tables – for example games with $100/200 blinds have been running hot lately. To watch the games you can download the PokerStars software here and enjoy also the deposit bonus!

We saw a session with Isaac Baron “westmenloAA”, Cole South “cts687”, Steve Billirakis “MrSmokey1”, “alexeimartov”, Eric Liu “p3achy_keen”, Chris Lee “Genius28”, Brian Hastings “USDtinger 88”, Matt Marafioti “ADZ124” and “muchbetter”.

Chris “Genius28” Lee – also known from Full Tilts biggest games:


The game was very loose and aggressive – $20.000 buy-ins flying around!

The first interesting hand was when the flop was Qd 2c Tc. The turn brought 2s and all the money went in.

“muchbetter”: Qh Ts
“MrSmokey1”: Qs Qc

Steve Billirakis won the $40.000 pot. Known also from his live tournament success:

Next huge hand had the flop of: 5s Qh 9h with 5 players in. “Genius28:lle” bet 2,8k. “Ca_dreamin” raised to 7,8k and “westmenloAA” pushed all-in for 21,6k. “ADZ124” and “Genius28” called. “Ca_dreamin” was holdin top-two pairs and the speculation started:

Ca_dreamin: wow
Ca_dreamin: SHould I fold top 2?
westmenloAA: lol this is riddic
alexeimartov: wow
Ca_dreamin: only 4 outs

Finally “Ca_dreamin” folded.
Turn brought 7c and river 6s. “westmenloAA” showed 55 taking down the pot worth of $69.000.

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