Yesterday Patrik Antonius (FinddaGrind) was busy at the Full Tilt tables.


He was playing some action packed pot-limit Omaha with Ziigmund (Ilari Sahamies) and winning around $140.000.

Then he played few sessions of no-limit Texas. In the first one he faced luckexpress10 (some rumors telling he might be Johnny Lodden?) and booked a $90.000 win.

Patrik drawing out on luckexpress10:

Then he played Chris Lee (Genius28) and managed to win another $200.000! There were a few big hands played:

-87k pot for Antonius where both players went all-in on the flop of AcJc2s and Lee had AT against Antonius A2

-80k pot for Antonius where he made a runner-runner flush holding only the bottom pair on the flop

-80k pot for Antonius when they both went all-in on turn board showing 8522 Lee holding 89 and Antonius 8T