September 2007

This is a quite familiar sight nowadays:

And the same goes for $200/400 and $100/200 no-limit heads-up tables. Every night we can see LarsLuzak (LrsLzk at Prima) waiting for opponents… but nobody wants to play with him anymore. LarsLuzak has been dominating the tables especially at Prima-network.

So everybody is scared? Seems like it – the last one to challenge LarsLuzak was pr1nnyraid (one of the biggest winner in nl Texas this year) and LarsLuzak managed to bash him also. His opponents are telling that the guy has amazing sense for knowing when you are weak.

But who is LarsLuzak?

He is a young 20-years old player from Helsinki, Finland. Some rumours tell that his name could be Lars Luzak but that seems to be incorrect. He is known for his aggressive fearless style and as a heads-up specialist – he also won one of the PokerStars High Stakes Showdown tournaments recently.


We have a few new winners at Full Tilt. Idontgiveashi is one of the hot names right now.


He has now won nearly $500k this month, here are few hands from Thursday:

Against Gus Hansens aces:

Against LarsLuzak:

Against John Juanda:

Against Daduv4:

Man he is running hot!!!!

Maybe Gus Hansen should quit online poker? He is this months biggest loser at Full Tilt – losing around half a million.


But finally on wednesday he made a nice comeback winning in all the games he played. He booked a nice $210k win at pot-limit Omaha , $63k win at Omaha high-low and $100k win at H.O.R.S.E.

Lets see if he can keep it up!

Prahlad Friedman was at one point THE online high stakes player. You could find him under the screennames Spirit Rock, Mahatma or Zweig dominating all the big no-limit games. His trademark was overbetting the river with bluffs or with nuts.


But at some point he hit a bad losing streak and started playing more live tournaments. And we didn’t see him online for a long time. But then he started to play at PokerStars under the screenname Poopers.

He has now dominated the no-limit cash games with $25/50 blinds in a way that no-one even thought was possible. He is currently one of PokerStars biggest winners this year! Hopefully he’ll soon move up to Full Tilts bigger games.

Nikolaus Jedlicka (KaiBuxxe / RealAndyBeal) has surely stirred the high stakes games this year.


He went to completely tear up his opponents at the big Omaha games winning around $4.000.000 in less than two months. Then the rush ended and he lost around one million and decided to play smaller games for a while.

He has made some shorter sessions at the big games after his decision but on Monday he was playing seriously and winning a lot. He played around 500 hands and came up as a $329.000 winner!

There was some heavy action between Ilari Sahamies (Ziigmund) and Urindanger – Ziigmund was on fire in the beginning, winning pot after pot:


Huge pot for Ziigmund:

Ziigmund continues to dominate:

But then deck went cold for Ziigmund and Urindanger made a huge comeback:

Double up:

Next double up – quite a cooler :

And next… Ziidmund blow up???:

After this hand Ziigmund quit:

Screennames: TerrorOfSweden / TheTerrorist / Fast_Freddie


Everybody was wondering who was this Fast_Freddie who made Johnny “bad_ip” Lodden lose his temper. Fast_Freddie won the biggest ever online pot from Lodden – worth $465.000. Later Mohamad Kowssarie confirmed that he is Fast_Freddie.

Kowssarie is from Sweden and 24-years old. He learned to play poker at the age of eight. Already at the age of 17 he was a very skilled player. His first online-games were no-limit games with blinds $1/2 and $2/4 and he made a meteoric rise after that.

First it was all about money – he wanted to win more and more. But after that he set himself a goal: to beat the best players in the world. That goal keeps him motivated – he wants to improve more and more as a poker player.

The biggest online pot:

Kowssarie and Lodden had played for a longer time already – both guys making tons of reloads (and having huge stacks).

Preflop: Lodden bet to $1.600 and Kowssarie raised to $4.000 with AJ. Lodden called.

Flop: As Ac 7c and Kowssarie bet $8.000. Lodden raised to $16.000. Kowssarie then re-raised to $32.000. Lodden called.

Turn: 5s and Kowssarie bet $74.000 and Lodden went all-in for $110.000 more. Kowssarie called.

River: Kc wich Kowssarie didn’t want to see… but he won the pot anyway. (Lodden told later that he had A9)

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