DaEvils is know to be FoxwoodsFiend at 2p2 and his real name is Ariel Schneller. But he is a friend of Prahlad Friendman (Zweig / Poopers) and there are rumors that everytime you see DaEvils play higher – it’s actually Prahlad.


Last night we wittnessed intresting discussion after DaEvils beat Ziigmund:

Ziigmund: who are you?

DaEvils: FoxwoodsFiend on 2p2
DaEvils: Vick Is God on stars
DaEvils: friends w/pr1nnyraid and whitelime
Ansky451: who are u
Ansky451: i thought
Ansky451: u were prahlad all this time
Ansky451: u fcking liar

DaEvils: you guys weren’t supposed to read that
DaEvils: keep it quiet please
DaEvils: i’ll ship $$$
Ansky451: haha
Ansky451: nice

Then Ansky451 and DaEvils countinue to chat about their coinflips and drinking etc.. so they seem to know each other pretty well.